Coffee Date Me!

When Starbucks inspires a post…

…I hate to admit it, but its true! I was so enamored with their new breakfast wrap that I was going to write an entire post about it, but then decided to just have a coffee date with you instead. So as I drink my Venti Iced Soy Latte with an add shot (cause it was my rewards freebie and I have to make the most of it), I hope you enjoy your caffeinated beverage of choice.

Well, lets get to it…

Starbucks // Since my new job is very close to a drive-thru Sbux, I’ve been going there before work a lot. Iced coffee in the summer is just a thousand times better than hot coffee, when it’s already 85 degrees outside, am I right? So, today I went in wondering what breakfast food I should get. I was surprised to see a new option on their menu. It took up about 1/3 of their menu and was highlighting their new Steak & Eggs wrap. I normally would be a little hesitant to order steak from Sbux, but I figured why not. Then I saw the price $4.95, gah! That’s expensive. Then they also added their new Organic Avocado Spread in the pic, which costs more. Duh, bro – always! I ordered the wrap anyways, despite a little worried about the steak. It wasn’t until I was at the window did I ask to add the avo, why not try it? It’s just another dollar! When I sat down in my cubicle to eat it, I was REALLY surprised at how tender and flavorful the steak was. The portion of steak was also really generous, as it should be for $5. I still am a little weird about the eggs they use, but the texture wasn’t too bad. I loved the wrap too, it was soft and a little crispy…perfection! There is also a tomatillo sauce in there too, which has great flavor. I am still surprised at how much I liked the new sando! It’s not even on their website to link, but here is an Elite Daily article that shows Sbux is launching 5 new breakfast and lunch items!

Amazon Prime Day // So, I decided this day is useless. It was about on par with me walking into Target and getting a bunch of stuff I didn’t need. The stuff I purchased that were a Lightening Deal were random and not necessary, but the things I needed weren’t even part of the Prime Day deals. So really, it did it’s Marketing job and got me to the site to buy some discounted shit. Kudos Amazon, you suckered me!

RSVPify // I’ve known about it forever, but never used it. But I decided to bite the bullet and do it finally. So simple. So easy. So convenient. I should have started while ago! I am still trying to get used to the layout and design portion, but the options are really cool and appreciated by this faux party planner. I will be using this more. I love how I can send out a real snail mail invitation, but have responses via the Interwebs. Genius!

IG Stories // Well Hell froze over, apparently. Because I started using them. I was so adamantly opposed to using it, then I decided to just try it — for work purposes, right ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now I do it daily, but just one or two a day. I even did a video one, which I am super hesitant to do, cause I don’t like hearing my voice. I still don’t get how people can just talk into their phone so casually. I feel weird. Kudos to those who can, I’m just not there yet, nor do I think I will ever get ‘there.’

Little League All-Stars // I’ve been blessed to be in Sacramento to watch one of my nephews/Lovebugs grow up to be the awesome little dude he is today. Every year we are out there cheering him on through all the levels of Little League. To be honest, the last three years I haven’t been so diligent about being there. But each All-Star season I’m there. This year isn’t any different. Yet, for him, he’s on the big diamond playing with kids two years older. I couldn’t be prouder of him, his composure, his skill, and his dedication to the sport is awesome to see. Last nights game was high stress and anxiety ridden. They played men, seriously, what does Rocklin feed their little leaguers? These kids were huge, one had a beard. Not gonna lie, I was worried for the smaller College Glen team, but in the end and hella extra innings, they came away with the WIN! So proud of Mason and the CGLL Juniors for a tough, hard fought win last night!

Cal Fit // So, I’m kinda cheating on Midtown. Not really, but it’s just a good situation for us. J cannot do Midtown workouts and to be honest, its out of our price range to add him there. So, he found a great rate at Cal Fit and it was beyond cheap to add me as the second person, so we did it. Now he can use the treadmill to gain back his cardio and fitness, until he’s ready to do more. AND, more importantly we have access to a variety of pools. That’s the important part with this blazing Sacramento heat! So it’s a win-win for our little family. However, upon walking into it I was super confused. I’ve been #MidtownStrong for years now and am so used to it, I didn’t know what to do solo at a big box gym. I was out of my element. My membership there is really just a back up to my Midtown one (even though I’ve been absent for two weeks-ish) and so J and I can spend some time working out together every once in awhile. Maybe we’ll get back into running together when he’s ready to hit the pavement again. 

Well, thanks for staying around as I guzzled my coffee and chatted your ear off. Hope this week is going great for you and the weekend ahead has fun, cool plans in store. I haven’t had much to say over here lately, mostly because if I come to this space I want to blog about my anger about some black hearted soul who enjoys making it her mission to ruin and hurt other people, without remorse. See, I can’t even start thinking about it, I get too riled up. I’m trying to work through the anger with acceptance (of the situation, not the ugly person) and mindful thinking. How’s that working?! HAHA. Anywho, hoping to get back into posting more soon, but I don’t really want to force content if I don’t have anything I’m excited to share. So for now, you’ll get random posts…which is pretty normal, I guess….

Until our next coffee date, happy caffeinated days ahead!


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