Musings: The Four Agreements

Some friends are spirits who you need in your life…

…you just didn’t know it, until something magical happens.

I was lucky to met Mel many decades ago, when her son and my Lovebug met in elementary school. Over the years, our friendship has slowly blossomed. I admire her for so many reasons, but her spirituality and openness has been something that is very inspiring.

Recently, she posted ‘The Four Agreements’ and I needed to be scrolling through my FB feed at that exact moment to read them. I’ve been feeling a little lost a lot lately — maybe a pre-mid life crisis, maybe just life.

Her post spoke to me.

Get back to the basics is what I really needed to get out of it.

This isn’t her post, it’s just a pretty Pinterest image of her post:

via Pinterest

I’ve ordered the book on Amazon and when it arrives all other current readings will be put to the side. I’m going to dedicate time to read this front to back. I’m not generally one for ‘self help’ stuff, but for some reason this spoke to me. I don’t think it isn’t something we all already don’t know, but I think it is a good reminder.

Just as it was a good reminder and felt great to meditate right in the middle of our MiYo class, this past Tuesday. Normally, we meditate closer to the end of the session, but the teacher added it right smack in the middle. The arrest happening right next to us could have been a factor in her decision and timing, but I will never know. But as I sat there, trying to free any thoughts and worries, while focusing on my senses and just being in the moment — I had a mini ‘ah ha’ moment. I need to do this more often. Take a few minutes, even if it’s just one, to get centered and be present. I need to MAKE time to do this for ME, no one else.

I never thought at 34 I’d feel lost, but that is where I currently find myself. Trying to find what excites me, what motivates me, what I want to do for a living. All of those hard life questions seem to be hovering over me and a self expectation to have perfected answers. And I don’t!

Just a girly tomboy trying to find her way…


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