Musings: A Reminder + Grace

I’m angry.

I’m frustrated.

I’m pissed.

I’m H U M A N.

And I cannot come here and give you the ugly details of why or what (for fear of use during useless litigation), but I can sit here and explain my anger and ask the questions I’ll never get to ask. Writing them into the abyss feels better than to keep them in my mind space and wondering how evil prevails…

THEN…this weekend I was put in my place. I was told “it’s none of your business.” When I say ‘put in my place,’ I mean given a new perspective from someone who’s gone through a similar experience, or something of the likes.

To which, I do not agree — but I understand why it was said, the context, and what that person was trying to relay to me. Asking my questions won’t do any good, the person being asked won’t respond with honesty or integrity, so what’s the point?

So here I am now, I’ve deleted hundreds of words written, looking for grace.

I’m tired of not sleeping well and pissed that I have experienced anxiety for the first time. I don’t want those around me to feel as if I carry this burden on my sleeve with anger and hate. That’s not me and has never been me.

So, I am taking that eye awakening conversation to heart and rolling with it. I will focus on what matters most and get to a place where that specific evil has no significance to my life. It may physically be there (for a long time), but it will never enter my heart, my soul or affect my actions, or my consciousness.

Thank you, you know who you are, for that eye opening moment of clarity. It took more than a mere moment, but some reflection on the conversation and I now understand and can wholeheartedly accept what you said. 

So, I made this little image to share on IG yesterday. I did borrow the quote from Pinterest, but I put my own touch on it. It’s simple and I thought I’d share it…

Because I know someone out there may need a gentle reminder, as I did.

Back to basics, cause I create my own happiness despite others intentions….

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