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Q&A Style w/ Jamee: Social Media + SO's,

Social media lunch dates really make me smile!

As I was enjoying my Matcha Lemonade and Bacon Melt with Jamee, I steered our conversation to the topic of Significant Others (SO, from here on out) and social media. I was saying (re: complaining) how after 3.5 years J has finally hit his limit with US-ies or pics in general, even being the #InstagramHusband is completely an annoyance too. I also mentioned how he doesn’t understand or really empathize with how much I enjoy SM, among other various things related to SM. To which she, “So does my Husband.”

I was surprised for some reason because via SM he is super supportive. Back story note, I worked with her husband for a few summers back in college, so I randomly know him independently from her. But we haven’t spoken in years, but through blogging and social media, Jamee and I have become friends.
We have some very similar views on blogging in general, but I think we both thrive on authenticity. Our stuff isn’t curated and perfection, but more every day, real life kinda stuff. We’d both love to have sponsors and get paid, but we just haven’t hit that jackpot yet. So for now, she rarely blogs and I semi-rarely blog. Our styles aren’t similar, but our overall attitude toward blogging seems to be, which is why I think we get along.
After my revelation that maybe there are more SO’s who are “over it” I thought I’d ask her some questions and do a Q & A style post about it all.
Nothing serious, just asking semi-personal questions about incorporating SM into our personal lives.
Q: Before we get into the fun stuff, which SM platforms do you use for personal fun?
A: These days, mostly IG for personal but all of the platforms for work and consulting.

Q: J mocks my antics all the time, he especially likes to find a selfie and then
imitates me. Does your SO mock your SM antics?
A: He doesn’t necessarily mock me but there may be a few eye rolls now and then. He gets my love and might I say, dedication to SM but he also thinks its silly. His best line is when he asks me if I have found the end of the internet! haha

Q: I’ve dragged J to a few events, mostly food blogging and he appreciates the free food & booze, but also thinks it super weird that I am willing to meet people (whom I’ve never met before) for these types of events for SM. Does your SO ever think it’s weird that you’ve used SM to make real life friends?

A: No, I think I tell him too much all the time so he gets it. Let’s be honest, my husband is very social. He is always open to a good event and a good time with people he has known for years or only a minute. Meeting IRL friends are fun and who knows where the friendship will go!

Q: 3.5 years is how long it took J to take a firm stand against pictures together or even being an #InstagramHusband. How long did it take your SO to start rebelling against the #InstagramHusband movement?
A: I RARELY ask him to take photos of me because it’s not his thing. I wouldn’t call Cam an #instagramhusband  He supports my love for it but I know the boundaries! haha

Q: As if trying to get a cute photo for the blog or SM isn’t self-consciously nerve-wracking enough, does (or did) your SO tease you the entire time while taking your photo? Wait, will he even take your photo? Do you just take a selfie, so you didn’t have to hear the teasing as I would do sometimes?
A: Cam has taken my photo and will If I really want a shot somewhere when its just the two of us but other than that, I don’t ask him.

Q: I find it hard to really articulate why I enjoy SM, nothing I say seems to really get my point across. How do you articulate your enjoyment, passion, and excitement with SM to your SO or not-so-frequent-SM-users?
A: I love sharing small snippets of my life. It’s fun to me! I love sharing products, places, deals, etc with my followers. When I post something, I hope people know it’s legit. It makes me happy when someone tells me they loved a product I talked about or can relate to my crazy life in some way. Let’s be honest, isn’t that what we are all looking for?

Q: I currently have 4,126 IG photos. J’s made a snarky comment (or two) about the number of posts and #Overgramming. How many IG photos do you have and has that topic ever come up between you and your SO?
A: I have 1,143. I don’t post just to post. I try to make it count and not give away my whole life. It has never been a discussion….yet! haha

Q: Anything else that maybe I didn’t think of? A silly story or anecdote that
involves both SM and your SO?
A: I firmly believe in being you! Post about what you know and what you love. It doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 followers or 10,000….your followers can sense a phony! Also, what is your goal on IG? To make money? To have fun? To collaborate with great brands? You choose your own path and have fun!
Thank you, Jamee! I enjoyed your answers and appreciate you being candid about social media and your boo thang! While our SO’s differ, it’s enjoyable to know/read/hear about other dynamics for those in like situations. Like Jamee said, “you chose your own path and have fun.” Couldn’t agree more with her and her drive to be authentic!
As I was writing out my questions, I felt like this was taking a negative turn. It truly isn’t meant to by any means. I think that when you enjoy your profession, it naturally bleeds into your personal life. I’ve known since high school that I wanted to do something within Marketing, it wasn’t necessarily social media related. To be honest, it was probably more geared toward the creative side, more design than anything. But as social media has revolutionized marketing, among other things. My passion has evolved as well.
It comes down to me loving SM. I love sharing the things I love. J is something that I love, but if he doesn’t want to partake anymore then I have to live with it. Just as I know he respects my antics and profession, even if it isn’t his passion at all. I think it was just a phase, because he’s back to semi-taking USie’s with me. He still takes my pics, but I have to admit at times I’m whiny about and could probably stop that 😉 Anywho, I’m thinking it was just a temporary stance against pics AND if not, then I’ll deal!

It’s nice to know that there are others out there who have similar conversations (re: teasing) from their SO, but even more importantly, Jamee doesn’t care about it as much as I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I will take serious offense to some teasing/mocking, but for the most part, I go about my social media business and post away when I have a fun weekend, eat good food, or spend time
with family and friends.

Taking applications for a backup #InstagramHusband (kidding, kidding)…

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