Musings: Week Day Pampering

Along with cinnamon rolls as appetizers, I’m petitioning for week day pampering!

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Week days are not just for work, dinner, working out, and carting kids to soccer practice. Seriously, pampering ourselves on a week day should be something we all do, men and women. I have a feeling most of us wait until the weekend to try and fit it into our schedule on top of everything else, but scheduling some personal pampering time is a must.

I think at times we try not to be selfish and do this, especially if we have families. However, ‘self-care is a divine responsibility!’ And don’t confuse taking time for the gym as pampering yourself. I’m talking about true pampering! Thankfully, I had Yelp to remind me of this. Obviously, I couldn’t afford to do this every day or even weekly for that matter, but I am glad I was able to try this…gratis!

I’ve always loved the idea of getting a blow out, but in Sacramento they don’t have many (or any, but I am not sure about that) places solely dedicated to just this service. However, many of the salons in town offer this service. I even had one when I went to a friends wedding earlier this year. I loved being able to let the stylist do everything and then all I had to do is do was my makeup and throw on my dress. It’s definitely a luxury that doesn’t really fit in my budget regularly, but is a nice little treat.

You’d think I was being paid to write this, but I’m not. I truly enjoyed this Sacramento Yelp Elite Event: Drybar’s Exclusive Yelp Blowout! (beginning of October) and thought I’d share my experience. 

I found myself in the newly remodeled University Shopping Center, that’s not the real name. Drybar is nestled right in them middle of the center, right in between the Starbucks and the Capitol Tap Room. While attending the event, I learned that they are a chain and have locations all over the nation. 

When I first walked in, I wasn’t sure if this was a chain or just a one off. But after taking a closer look, I realized it was most likely a chain. The logo was on everything and especially on all of the products perfectly displayed. They all were Drybar brand and had the cutest names. I was slowly realizing that there was a theme at Drybar. Everything is themed around drinks, alcoholic drinks of course 😉 The hair styles and the products are all named after adult beverages. I love this little touch.

The interior is super clean and minimal, mostly white. They use yellow and grey as their pops of color and keep the theme and color scheme perfectly balanced throughout the entire salon. When I walked in, there was Boudin bites to the right by the door, but since I enjoyed National Taco Day at home I couldn’t fit anything else in my belly. It looked fine, but I just wasn’t hungry. But I did NOT pass up on a glass of white wine, they had red too. They also had champs for the ladies (and gentleman, if there were any). They have two rows of chairs with each side having a TV. Bonus points for them, they were playing Selena while we were there. Mirrors adorn the walls, so you can see your final style.

With the simple curl of a wand, Carly took my boring daily straightened hair to happy endorphin producing curls! Despite it being gratis, I’m pretty sure if I did pay for it, I would still walk out of there just as happy and feeling confident. Who know getting your hair did would give you such a boost. I didn’t have anywhere to go or do, but I walked out of there with my head held high and in a great mood. 

Self care shouldn’t be neglected. To each it is different, but I’ve come to realize I enjoy when someone ELSE styles my hair. I appreciate the locks I was blessed with, but it’s a lot. A lot to manage for a novice with a curling iron.

I chose the ‘Mai Tai’ (re: curly) look!

Here, at Drybar, they only do blowouts and styling. No cuts, no color. The pricing seems reasonable, $45 per each service. They also have a really cute menu to describe each styling, which included pictures to match each style. They also offer kidlet styles and for an upgraded charge you can have them braid your hair in extremely fancy ways, ways I can’t even begin to get my brain and fingers to understand. They also do actual up-do’s or partial up-do’s at an additional charge too.

My experience was more than I had anticipated. I was happy to have my hair done, but I didn’t realize how much of a self confidence booster it would be. I walked out of there happy and ready to take on the world…even though I was just heading home to go to sleep and call it a night! HAHA! I don’t generally spend my disposable income on such indulgences. I save it more for maintenance things such as waxing and hair cuts, but I’m starting to realize that self-care means treating myself to blowouts, massages, and facials. They are good for me, that money is not wasted, it is an investment to my self-care. Seems simple and like a first world “ah-ha” moment, but I think thats how society has made me look at such things. “Don’t be a woman of indulgence, don’t be selfish.” When really, self-care is really what it should be called.

Also, this Yelp event basically forced me to speak with other Yelpers. No plus one, so I made friends with a couple of gals who were really nice. This was a small event and I wondered if any men would come. It was open to them and they offered them a head massage, since most probably wouldn’t have hair to be styled. BUT, no men came. It was all women. Not an issue at all, just thought it was interesting.

My point is, don’t neglect your self-care. Whatever that happens to look like, do it for you! I’m sure everyone’s self care looks different, so do what makes you feel so good you can’t stop smiling. A coffee date with myself is also a way for me to treat myself to self-care. Yes, it’s less expensive, but I also don’t get the same feeling as I did when I left the Drybar.

Forever a work-in-progress, just working on what works best for me!

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