2017,  Musings

I’ve M O V E D!

…to a BIGGER (not really) && (but a) BETTER place!

I put on my big girl chonies AND made the move.

Peace out, Blogger.

Hello, Word Press.

Hello, hosting.

Hello, owning my domain.

Hello, faux blogger life.

Updated, 2.0 version!

Yes, I finally decided to make the scary jump and own my domain, which was thankfully not taken. I also decided to host it for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I think Blogger won’t be around for too much longer. So I made the jump to Word Press. I wanted flexibility with whatever I decided to do next with Musings of A Girly Tomboy if anything.

So, please pardon me while it may be a little messy around here. I’m finding my footing and getting familiar in my new (not really for me, since I use WP for work) surroundings. It looks similar to what Ambriss created for me a while back, but it’s not exactly the same. I am still working out those kinks. A huge shout out to Carol, whom I met at The Blog Bloc launch party, who helped me take the jump into somewhat uncharted waters. We were ‘networking’ and she mentioned she blogs personally and does it for work as well. She kindly offered to help me in any way, if I needed it. Well, it took me over a year to contact her, but I finally did.

After a few emails and a couple of text messages, we ended up at the new-ish (well new to me) Kru to sip some Happy Hour and get down and dirty in a quick tutorial of hosting, domains, and all things of trying to be a grown-up blogger.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Blogger. Simplicity is best for me, especially when it comes to blogging. Everything about their back end is simple and easy to use. However, over the years it has been noticeable that Google is not as interested in this product as it is other, more lucrative offerings. Their iPhone app hasn’t been updated for the last few updates and this last update left me stranded without app use 🙁 I know it’ll be around for a while since there are many users, but I think eventually it will fade away. Especially if no support is behind it from Google. So, I made the full jump.

I was just going to buy my domain and see where that took me. But after some back and forth with Carol, I decided to host the whole blog on Word Press with a new shiny domain!

My very own website!

So, thank you for continuing to support me and my musings. If you are new, welcome to my new website. I hope you find something inspiring…or funny, or interesting at the least. I don’t have any immediate plans to change anything else, especially content. You’ll get the same musings from the same Girly Tomboy that you’ve been accustomed too. The look and feel will just be a little different (for now) and obviously, you’ll be visiting a new location.

I’m really excited I made this change. Unlike the ‘fancy’ bloggers, I won’t be having a huge launch party for the new location. I’m just not that big of a deal! I never wanted to actually spend money on this hobby, but here we are. I am paying to blog now. I’m okay with it and actually kinda excited to finally be blogging where I want to be — not at an abridged version of the actual website I wanted. It’s a win, win!

Also, I saw no need to wait until the new year to settle in and share the good news. I’m doing it now, today, a random Friday in December because I am that happy! I cannot thank Ambriss and Carol enough for their help, at NO COST, with my blog and help me slowly make it what I ultimately want it to be. Because of their kindness, I hope to share a skill or help someone else out down the line, when they may need it. Pay it forward type of kindness, which is exactly what Ambriss and Carol showed to me.

What’s next, you ask? Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and spend money on a cool new theme, which is just a blog design. Or maybe, I’ll take some professional photos for the blog. I’m not really sure, but it will only be to change the aesthetics, not the content or the lady behind the content! Still trying to keep it simple and fun around here. Hope you like the new digs, stay awhile and check things out.

Never say never, cause here I am, paying to blog!


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