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Musings: Solo Movie GO-er

Try something new they said…

When was the last time you did something new?

Although it isn’t something to write home about AND plenty of people do it on the reg, my ‘something new’ has always been intimidating to me. Why? I have no clue!

Going to the movies always felt like a partner or group activity. I was always intimidated to go by myself. I honestly have no idea why, insert shrink diagnosis. I can easily go have dinner by myself, even sit at a table solo, bar preferred though. I am generally not bothered by being out and about by myself.

Maybe I like to have someone with me to talk to during the movie. Hold on, I’m not that annoying that I talk the entire movie, but I will whisper something now and then. But, there was no real reason keeping me from going to the movies solo.

Awhile back I decided to do IT! To just go for it…

I’d been dying to see Lady Bird! A movie about my favorite city, Sacramento. Okay, well I knew it wasn’t about Sacramento, but it was where the movie was set. It was a movie about a young girl in High School, growing up in Sacramento. The Writer and Director, Greta Gerwig, one in the same human, grew up here. I’m pretty sure you’d be living under a rock if you didn’t know what movie I’m talking about. She currently has the ‘best reviewed’ movie ever on Rotten Tomatoes.


To make it even more serendipitous, it was playing at the Tower Theater. The lovely, Sacramento landmark theater. Seeing it here made it that much more perfect.

viaSacramento 365

I honestly don’t know why I was so drawn to see this movie solo. It was as if I had to see it by myself. To be fair, it was a little weird. BUT it wasn’t as weird as I had anticipated. Maybe the antique setting of Tower made it feel less intimidating versus seeing it at the newly remodeled Cinemark with the fancy, reclining chairs and whatnot. It was almost as if I had to see it by myself. I didn’t really want to see it with anyone else.

It probably also helped that it was the last showing on a random week night, so there weren’t that many people. I wasn’t worried about being judged for being there solo, so I’m not really sure what I was hesitant about all these years! It was nice to have the option to select any seat in the entire theater. I looked for the perfect seat. Not too high, not too low. I sat at the center of the screen and at the perfect height. There were only a handful of couples and solo movie go-ers who joined me, we all had plenty of space and seat options. I didn’t even get movie popcorn or eat snacks, just sipped on some water. Altogether, it was a different movie experience than I usually create for myself. It felt good to try something new, even if there was no real significance to this new experience.

I loved the movie. I think we can all empathize with teenage angst and the emotional roller coaster of high school. Friendships, family, and school — all factors that dictate our experience(s) during those supposed critical four years of our childhood. And to have them set in Sacramento, made it all better. Its a nice feeling to see a movie and recognize scenes, locations, and stores you grew up driving by. There was something comforting about seeing someone else’s love for the same city shared through film. I will forever appreciate how GG made me feel while watching her flick and how connected I felt, but not in a cheesy and fake type of way. I left smiling and thinking how lucky I am to know how amazing Sacramento truly is.

Growth in small, simple ways is never underrated!


  • MJ

    Steph-I did see Ladybird by myself, too! Sometimes my girlfriends are too busy and Uncle is at work. Sometimes there is just a window of 1 1/2 hrs or 2 and I will go by myself. On Mon & Tues there are cheaper days & also the Sr discount price. I don’t find it out if the ordinary to go alone-cause usually there are many who are also solo. And sometimes it is just nice to relax and be by oneself! Glad you are stretching yourself!

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