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Race Recap: LSNC Valentine Run 2018

First race R U N of 2018!

When you wait for some annoying human to decide if your plans will fall into (their) place or not, sometimes you just have to sign up for a race with one of your fave gal pal’s and her cute baby. If you can’t communicate timely, then that’s your bad! And because this is MY blog, I can vent about it here for a second. I was invited to a GS event 2 days after the due date for purchasing tickets, then the invitee told the group organizer she blamed it all on ‘poor communication!’ Seriously? I guess owning up to your own mischievous and weird ways are too hard and you’d rather attempt to make me look bad instead. That’s why you are the human you are. Toxic.

Okay, got that out of the way.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this about this race before, even though I haven’t run it in a long time — but they need to manage their race information and website a little better. I get it, it’s a small race, but still. They don’t even have basic race info on the front page. It’s as if after they create/update the page for the new year’s race, they don’t touch it again for updates. That being said, I finally found where packet pick-up was. Of course, it was at our local Fleet Feet the Friday before the Saturday race. J was kind and offered to pick it up for me on Friday.

This was the 15th anniversary of the race. The first 1,100 race registrants were given a commemorative t-shirt. I was one of them! J brought home the cotton tee and my bib. What a sweetheart… 

Luckily, I also remembered to charge my Garmin on Friday night too. I was having major issues but was finally able to charge it through my computer. This is actually a great reminder to contact Garmin about this, thanks! Also, I messed around with #FlatRunner pics for fun. I threw my stuff on the ground in an attempt to gather it all, then snapped a pic. I staged it more like a person and then, of course, I did my regular, type A, organized photo laid out and folded. Still, by far, my fave.

I was pissed before this race. I actually text Lot that I was in a bad mood (not because of the aforementioned planning issue, that was just someone being the conniving and inconsiderate human they are) and that seeing her and Eve would cheer me up. I was essentially up at 5 AM because J and our friend B were at our house watching the North London Darby (Tottenham v Arsenal). Once B arrived he wouldn’t shut up. I text them both politely, but he didn’t get the hint. I sent some not so nice texts, but they didn’t work. So, basically, I didn’t get much sleep.

Pissed, I went downstairs to make some pre-race fuel. It happened to be an 808 themed morning with Coconut Peanut Butter on toast with coffee in my Coffee Gallery mug. I didn’t want too much since it was only 4 miles. I still wasn’t sure if I’d race it or run with Lot at this point. Regardless, I didn’t think too many pre-race carbs was necessary.

This has to be the only race I’ve ever been to that is behind a mall. I appreciate the parking situation and that it’s literally right by the race festivities.  I lucked out with a great parking spot, right by all the tents. Lot and I finally linked up a few minutes before the race started. We were going to hit up the portapotty, but there was an intense dog (almost) fight so we just went toward the start line.

I knew I’ve always liked this race. But running it reminded me why. Oh yeah, I decided to stay with the gals and do the run together. I cannot lie, there was a small part of me that wanted to run it to see how well I’d do. Test my conditioning, but enjoying the moment was a better idea. We started toward the back because we had a stroller AND because we are decent humans! We had to do a lot of weaving and bobbing to get around some SLOW walkers, but we eventually found our pace.

I was so happy that Lot let me push the stroller. It was an added workout to the run, which I was all for. The run takes you through the Arden Park neighborhood and you snake your way through some of the nicest houses. They had a fun 1/2 mile marker. They also had timing clocks at every mile marker. There was also a split for the 1.8mi run to turn right and the 4mi runners stayed straight on the course.

Unsuspectingly, there was a lot of minor grades up and down throughout the neighborhood. I loudly prepared myself for the uphills, but they came and went easy enough. More than anything we were distracted by the house porn to really be bothered by cardio inducing heavy breathing. We chatted, stopped to give Eve her pacifier, and Lot grabbed water at the two aid stations. Speaking of aid, they definitely encourage you to run with dogs, because the aid stations have water stations for dogs too.

As we looped back around, we took a little different route back. So, it’s not quite an out and back course. We recognized the last quarter of a mile and I pretty much made us finish strong. We joked about me finishing pushing Even, so I offered to let Lot. She truly didn’t care, so I slowly rolled Eve over the timing mat by herself — she finished strong 😉 After we finished, we were handed water bottles by the volunteers. Eve wasn’t having it anymore and we quickly snagged a post-race selfie and then headed to my car to get her fed and changed.

My Garmin results versus the race results are different, Garmin being better per the usual. You can see that during the second half of the race we had a few more stops and slowing downs. Eve woke up from her nap and we tended to her when she needed it. No biggie at all, but it depicts the story better.

Mile 1 – 11:01.4
Mile 2 – 11:26
Mile 3  – 12:13.9
Mile 4 – 11:55.2
Mile 5 – 0:15.6
Total Time – 46:52.1
Total Distance – 4.03 Miles
Average Pace – 11:39 Min/Mile
Official Result – 47:28, 27th in Age Group

We literally walked right through the tent action and didn’t look or get anything. While we were at my car, a sweet lady handed us two free leggings. They were wrapped in heart ribbon and had a pencil with them too, it was the cutest little gift. Of course, they were Lu Lu Laroe. They were cute though, but when I got home and looked at them, they were too big 🙁 BOO!

I was kinda in a time crunch, so we got Eve situated and then headed to grab our fave — bagels (and coffee for me). I stopped for a coffee and then met Lot for bagels. We didn’t have much time to hang out here, so we chatted and ate, then I dashed off to an eyebrow appointment.

Overall, it was a great first run of 2018. I know I could have run it faster, but creating this memory with Eve and Lot was much more special. I love that we can add Eve to our running mix now. I can’t wait until I get to cheer her on at one of her own races. The vibe and low key status of this race are awesome. It’s not too big, nor too small. You get a bottle of water post-race and you aren’t forced to go through the free stuff tents. They’ve been doing something right for this to be the 15th anniversary of their run.

I would suggest they organize their website better, but I’m sure that is what I suggested in the past. I guess they aren’t reading my race recaps to take note. If you ever have the chance to run this race, it is a great way to support local and your bonus is seeing all the lovely houses nestled in Arden Park. And by lovely, I mean mansionesque!

Who knew lawyers loved running so much…

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