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Musings: #GaneebanTris – Week 2

…and fails!

Not really fails, but damn humbled by the latest #TriTuesdayTraining for sure.

But first, let’s get talking about post workout #1. Putting the bike in my car and getting it out is so damn annoying. Thankfully, J has been super helpful in doing this, even in the rain. Each time I have to put down the seats and remove the cover, then awkwardly scrape myself and my car, by trying to thrust the bike in there without getting it caught somewhere. Definitely a case of first world problems. Thankfully, I have a blog I can whine about these things. After the first training, I asked a few questions from other trainees, mostly about equipment. It was suggested that I buy a latex cap (but it wasn’t called that by name, they just said like the yellow one Tim let me have) and don’t get caught up on the brand of goggles, just find ones that fit. They didn’t dig my Amazon Prime idea and said to go to a store and check them out, try them on. The goggles that Tim let me borrow worked just fine, so at least I knew one brand that would work for me.

Wednesday AM I decided to get into the pool again, bright and early at 5 AM! Why were there so many humans swimming that early? I had to share a lane with someone, but there was only five lanes total.  This time I did remember my Garmin and also remembered it works for swimming too. I was able to get in about 36 laps, but my Garmin shorted me. Tim hadn’t sent out his prescribed training schedule at this point, so I just did 30 minutes easy. It was really enjoyable and I could easily see myself getting up early and doing this again.

Fast forward through Midtown workouts all week and a soccer game on Sunday, I decided to go for another swim after my game. I gave my self another 30 minutes to swim and every 5th lap I would go hard. Again, each lap is 25 meters. I didn’t expect a Sunday afternoon to be too crowded, but it was. For most of the entire swim, I had to share a lane again. I thought it would be deserted, but I was wrong. I was able to get 40 laps in this time.

I know it doesn’t seem like equipment and clothing planning would really be a part of the equation in training but it truly is. I have to think about what I will wear to the gym and what I’ll wear home from the gym/swim in. I figured that wearing my suit there is a better option to just get started and not waste time while I’m at the gym. However, post-swim the first time, I rinsed off quickly and then threw on warm clothes to go home in. However, since I literally just get straight in the shower when I get home I decided that step at the gym wasn’t necessary. I know it is important to rinse yourself and your equipment off right after, but I do that right when I get home, so I don’t think it’s that big of an issue. Maybe I’m wrong? Also lugging around a random reusable bag full of the swim equipment has been interesting too. Do you leave your stuff (i.e. phone) in the said bag while you swim? Do you get a locker? I know these are minute decisions and don’t really affect much, but they are all things that have to be thought out when you are training.

In addition, I had to get goggles and a swim cap before the next training session. Of course, despite recommendations, I used Amazon Prime for my goodies. And of course, I bought the wrong type of swim cap, silicone. Also, I got bamboozled by the way Amazon packages stuff and ended up buying two caps and two goggles. I figured it’s good to have an extra set for back-to-back training days (that have yet to happen, HAHA).

Here is what I ended up with:

TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Cap
Speedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle


FINIS Lightning Swimming Goggles


Monday evening, before Tuesday training, I made the worst decision possible. I thought I’d be a good friend and return my workout debt to Jen by doing the WOD with her, and because she asked. I didn’t think about the ramifications of the following:

Q Street Run + 4 Rounds of Cindy

R Street Run + 4 Rounds of Cindy

S Street Run + 4 Rounds of Cindy

T Street Run + 4 Rounds of Cindy

**Cindy = 5 pull-ups + 10 pushups + 15 air squats

I did the pull-ups with bands and the push-ups on a box, but true pushups. The 160 push-ups killed my arms. They were twitching and already sore by the time I finished the workout. There was a time cap of 30 mins, but we finished it regardless. I think it took me close to 35 mins to get it all done. I swear I’m the slowest human at push-ups! Needless to say, all this combined made for VERY sore arms immediately after, and even worse the next two days.

I knew training would be hard since I was so sore. I dreaded the swim the most, but my soreness didn’t end up being a huge problem. All the different stroke positions highlighted my deficits in the pool — like really highlighted them for me. Now, I have a list of things to practice during the week. The side swimming and breathing was super hard for me. But it was nice to receive direct instruction on what to do and how exactly to execute it. I, of course, was slightly embarrassed at how behind I seemed to be. Especially because he put me in lane 2, which was with the middle range swimmers (I think, it’s my assumption). I’m pretty sure I definitely belong in the first lane and I feel a little pressure being in the second lane. I’m sure Tim has his reasoning, but I didn’t feel like I should be there.

Since it was raining, Tim said he didn’t think people would want to run. So instead, we did bike intervals and then hopped off to do 27 squat movements with NO shoes on. We repeated this three times, but the last round he changed-up the last few minutes and we did 20-second intervals for 3 minutes. I forgot to mention he kept offering little challenges so that we could win prizes that someone gave him – Clif bars, Shot Bloks, and water bottles. On the last interval, where we were supposed to spin our fastest, I finally won! I was hesitant to spin hard on my bike without clip-ins, but I just did it. I honestly feel like my feet are going to slip right off the pedals when I go fast and then I’ll scratch myself. I honestly don’t think I’m getting the most out of my bike workouts, because of my set-up.

I did have Tim fit me on my bike before class. But my handlebars need adjusting, which I can do — just need to actually do it. I am going to price out, research, and speak with friends who are extreme bikers about clip-ins and pedals to match. I don’t want to spend too much, but I don’t want crappy, cheap stuff either. But to be effective for any type of race, duathlon or tri, I need to clip-in. Riding with running shoes is just not efficient or fun, for that matter.

Slowly, but surely, I’ll get it all together. Probably after the six weeks of training is completed. I really screwed myself with the 160 push-ups, but lesson learned. Learn to say NO to friends if it will hurt your training program. Oh well, learning where my deficits are, in and out of the water, seems to be my theme for the week. Now I need to buckle down and maintain a healthy and quality training program, so I can get a mix of tri training and Midtown, while still playing soccer on Sunday’s!

I can’t believe next week we’ll be halfway through our training?!?



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