Musings: Some-Bunny Special

Let’s get crafty!

But in the least amount of time and money type of craft…if you get my drift. I love to craft, but my schedule doesn’t permit extreme crafting. So I tend to craft on the fly. Maybe with a little inspo from a pin here or there, but mostly I just make them up as I go. Last year, I shared Musings: Boycott Easter Candy. Sounds kind of negative, but really it was just a way for me to avoid giving lovebugs more candy when they get tons of eggs (dare I say close to 75/each) full of candy and some money. It was a fun way to give a lovebug a book that I knew (or hoped) they’d enjoy.

This year, I decided last minute to give the lovebugs small gifts. I wasn’t going too, but then, of course, guilt set in. So, I came up with an idea. Take mini mason jars (knockoff), so they wouldn’t require tons of candy to fill, and craft them into bunnies. As I was shopping at Target for my supplies, I found three mini jars for $3 in my beloved dollar bins. I couldn’t find the awesome sticky, premade bunny tails like last year. I looked everywhere for them. Easy fix, cotton balls. But really the a larger, more for crafting, similar to a cotton ball from Michael’s. I guess I could have used regular cotton balls, but I don’t own any, so I had to buy the crafting kind, plus it allowed me to buy bigger, more exaggerated ones for the tails. I bought a bulk bag of candy mix from Target, using the remaining to fill eggs, and snagged some fake grass for the bottom of the jars, as the filler of course. I also bought more scrapbook paper, even though I have tons — but I didn’t plan ahead and look to see if I had the colors I preferred to use in my stock at home.

I also went to Pinterest to find a pin with a free printable for the ear shape. I couldn’t find one small enough, so I used this pin as a template to draw a smaller version. I searched ‘bunny ear template’ if you are looking to do the same. In case you’re interested, I also have a Hoppy Easter board for all things Easter related.

I asked J and L to fill the jars and gave them a few quick directions. It was only if they wanted to help out with the craft. To my surprise, they did. I was left to finish the craft myself, which is totally fine. I enjoy being able to give the lovebugs something for Easter. It’s nothing huge, but I know that it was made by all three of us for each one of them, which means something to me. I grew up receiving a basket filled with goodness each Easter, whereas J didn’t. So I know this seems a little odd for him, even to give something to L too.

Michael’s: Scrapbook Paper // Cotton Balls

Target: Mini Faux Mason Jars // Candy // Faux Grass

Supplies: Scissors // Hot Glue Gun // Pinterest Ears Printout

Hoppy Easter to you and your some-bunnies!

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