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Musings: #GaneebanTris – Week 4

2/3 of the way done.

When you start training six weeks kinda sounds daunting. Now that I’m in the thick (if you can be in the thick with only six weeks) of it, it seems to be flying past me. The halfway mark felt like I hit the wall. I’m not as excited as I was originally was. Not sure if it’s hormonal or just life, but I’ve lost some lust for the tri!






As week 3 of tri training closed, I still am #MidtownStrong. Small, but significant to me, PRs have been happening. I was able to add another 0.5kg weight to my snatch, but I couldn’t do a full snatch. It ended up being a pretty ugly power snatch. But I think all my snatches are pretty ugly 😉 HAHA

Friday evening was another evening spent at Midtown, followed by dinner with J, L, and friends. Even though coach sent out an email with a healthy dish to create for dinner, I still have been eating like I’m truly training for something.

Since I couldn’t make Midtown on Saturday morning, I did a brick workout, which consisted of the spin bike and the pool. I used Pinterest to find a good spin bike workout before I headed to the pool to swim. I refuse to swim at Cal Fit, then get on the bike — I just don’t want to be gross in the spin classroom, soaked in chlorine. Since I was lagging to start my workout, I had to shorten the 30 min spin routine to about 20 mins. Then I changed quickly and headed to the pool, where I focused on doing 10 laps consecutively, to build endurance. I was able to get through two rounds and then swam a few more laps to cool down and work on my breathing and strokes. Afterward, I attended the prettiest Yelp Elite Event ever, at the Whole Foods in Roseville. It’s too pretty not to share with you.

Sunday was spent playing soccer all day, two games played and one game partially spectated. I was in no physical shape to tri train. Monday, I did hit up Midtown where Milo scheduled us to do some maxing out on cleans and deadlifts. I was really having some negative body image issues the last few days, so hitting the clean with a new PR was perfect. It was beyond what I’d recently reached, so I was super excited.

#TuesdayTriTraining! I feel like I finally have it down and my act together now. Well, in regards to packing my gear and my car. I did have to turn around and grab my running shoes in the AM, on my way to work. That was kinda annoying. This was the first Tuesday that I had to set-up my bike in a different trainer. I’m usually by the door, which coach mentioned was one of the easier trainers. Since he mentioned that, people decided to snag those ones first. I ended up being in the middle, which wasn’t really an issue.

The latter part of the swim was a new workout, where we started with the basics to practice our breathing and strokes. Then he mixed it up with edge of the pool pull up thingy’s, which are really killer. But they aren’t supposed to be because you are supposed to flutter kick the shit out of your legs to lift you up, not muscle yourself up. They were exhausting. The workout was 5 dips, 50-meter swim, 30 seconds with hands out of the water, 50-meter swim — repeat twice. He had more to the workout, but we all made it to a portion of the 1,500-meter swim and he ended the swim brick.

Photo Cred: Multisport Endurance Academy

The bike portion was a mixture of 2 to 3-minute intervals at first. Then we hopped off the bike, of course, he made it a competition, and outside to do high steps with bands with a partner. After about two sprints per partner, we then went back inside on the bike. This time around we did single leg work for 20-second intervals for six minutes. Since I STILL don’t have my clip-ins, this was not as hard for me, since I have to keep both feet on both pedals, but focus on pushing/pulling with on leg. I don’t get the full benefits of the actual workout since I have to force myself not to use my other leg and try to let it be relaxed and just move on the pedal. It’s more mental work than anything. HAHA.

Photo Cred: Multisport Endurance Academy

Again, we got off the bikes and headed outside for another round of banded high steps, but added in a half sprint through the distance. We did this a couple times and then went back inside for another round of interval training. We focused on quickening our cadence each interval, adjusting our gears to make it easier/harder each round. Then quickly, he rushed us outside to get one last round of banded sprints in again. These bands sucked since I had a tank top on. It was pulling my skin and hurt, but I tried not to whine too much 😉 I did like the workout and the thought behind it, but it was more painful than anything.

Photo Cred: Multisport Endurance Academy

So, I’m pretty sure I decided on which tri I am going to do. I am avoiding any race at Rancho Seco (no thanks to chemicals in that water), which really leaves only races in Folsom. It isn’t really an issue, but seeing as how the race dates are few and far between, I don’t have many options. Also, can we please discuss the details of how expensive tri’s are?! Whaaat? Okay, I get it…you’re racing three disciplines in one race. It takes a lot of coordination, volunteers, and employees to pull it off. But, damn! I probably won’t complain about running race prices again, after doing one of these. I was thinking I’d like to race in progression — duathlon, super sprint tri, and finish with a sprint tri. But after looking at my options, I probably will just do a super sprint tri. Be on the lookout for a post when I finally decide which one I will sign up for. TBD…kinda!

Trying to stay excited about this…tri-ing, hard…

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