2018,  Triathlon

Musings: #GaneebanTris – Week 5

All is quiet around here…

…even though I am close to the end of my training program with Multisport Endurance Academy. This week was pretty normal for workouts, Midtown wise. We did have L for Spring Break, so that was a nice little and added something to our household.

One exciting training moment was when I PR’d my power snatch. It was a small 0.5 kg PR, but a PR nonetheless. This is my worst lift and I’m slowly, each week, trying to add a little more weight. I couldn’t quite pull off a full snatch, but I’ll take a power snatch PR any day of the week. I think I hate this lift the most because it is the hardest for me to execute. This week, was a really warm week and I even busted out a tank top and shorts, but then, it went back to being cold and rainy. This weather is all over the place and I don’t’ see it changing anytime soon. Just messing with our emotions.

I did get to Midtown for my regularly scheduled Saturday conditioner, which had me a sweaty mess. We enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend and holiday, but I bailed on my Easter (Sunday) planned workout. I don’t’ know why, but my body has been extremely exhausted lately, especially after work. Making it easy to want to and actually skip workouts!

Monday came and went and I didn’t work out. But on #TuesdayTriTraining was upon me and I couldn’t bail on the second to last one. I’m too cheap to do that. Our workout consisted of our regular warm-up, BUT during our warm-up Coach recorded all of us swimming! GAH! NOOOOO! Yup, he did that. Then he pulled most of us out and we watched everyone’s technique and he critiqued what we needed to improve upon. For me, it was glaringly obvious that my legs are crazy when I swim. They are are not streamlined, nor efficient. Then, I also cross the midline with my stroke, which is also, again, not efficient for swimming. Both things of which I was trying way too hard to correct during the remainder of the swim. Coach introduced the Tarzan and six kick relaxed wrist drill, both of which he sent archaic YouTube videos for us to watch prior to class.

Then we raced out of the pool and onto our bikes for lots of hill work. Long hill work, like an eleven-minute climb with some descending involved. There was also some speed work too. The most important thing I’ve learned about training on the bike is that if we do a lot of building work, we must ride it out during our cooldown to get the lactic acid flowing from the climbs. I make sure to do this with every spin class I take now. You know what the most ANNOYING thing about this ride was? My shoes finally came in, they called me on Tuesday afternoon, but I couldn’t get them in time for class. I needed help fitting them and the Gleckler’s had the pedals I was going to borrow. So again, I was rocking my running shoes for the ride and it sucked!

We always seem to run out of time for the full run portion of training. Coach prefers to call them strides since that’s what we are doing. But instead of the prescribed six to nine strides, I think we did four or five total. He changed up the strides and we did high knees, butt kicks, 60% strides, and 90% strides. The high knees for this distance were painful, like really painful and most of us stopped or half-assed the last quarter. He forgot the butt kicks for the first round, so we did them once in a random spot. Since time was looming over us, he let us pick our last stride pace for the evening.

I feel burnt out, but it’s only been 5 classes. Maybe hormones. Maybe life. I don’t know, but I’m not as excited as before. Again, I’ve been getting tons of questions about which race I am going to sign up for, but I’ve also been getting tons of encouraging words, which is so kind and motivating. I WILL do a sprint tri this year, no one has to doubt that. Look for a post about which one coming soon. I told you I’m cheap, it’s really just pulling the trigger on the race fee now. I’ve decided which one…

Slow going all around, but still HERE…

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