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Musings: Triathlons, The Basics

Three disciplines that create one race!

What sick bastard thought this up? Bwahaha! To be fair, most of these ideas are not original, but I was asked not to credit said person I learned this info from. Well to be fair, some was learned from said person and some were learned with a simple Google search. So, in a hopefully aesthetically pleasing way, I share with you the basics…

Of course, I have my own preferences regarding different equipment, as would each of you. If you are reading this AND experienced in Tri’s, what would you suggest? One extra thing that I would suggest is a good watch, but I don’t necessarily think the heart monitoring is important — with the exception of the IRONMAN distances, those are different beasts in itself. I prefer Garmin, but that is also the only style of watch I’ve ever used. The brand has yet to let me down.

I hope you found this helpful, in any way, especially if you were starting to think about doing a tri yourself.

Let a Triathlete, Tri!

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