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Race Recap: Scottsdale 5k 2018, Virtual Runner

From October (if we are lucky) to February we dream in Orange && Black…

However, we start receiving the Giant Race emails well into this quiet phase of non-baseball life. We get swept away with the ideals of a Series Sweep medal to prove we are okay spending at least $250 on running for our favorite team. We are okay with endless amounts of medals and bobbleheads because we LOVE our G-men! We do. We prove it every year. Every race. Every dollar spent. We are such SUCKERS! And I’m completely okay with it!

That being said, this year, AGAIN, was not going to be a year that I’d be able to go to Spring Training. I say this sadly, but know that I have plenty of other trips planned that make this okay (kinda). I have NO IDEA what took over when I decided to sign Lil and me up for the Series Sweet situation. Probably, because she doesn’t care and goes along with my crazy ideas AND because when I ask her, she is working and can’t really text back to say no fast enough. She just says yes and doesn’t really pay attention, best guess on my part. That being said, we virtually registered for two races and actually registered for the other two. It would end up being an on-off situation, virtual, real, virtual, real — in that order. If you’re curious about virtually running, visit here.

So, the weekend of the actual Scottsdale 5k and 10k was actually my birthday weekend. I had planned to run it on the actual day of the race, March 3, 2018. However, I woke up that morning and J had planned a surprise birthday trip to South Lake Tahoe. Needless to say, I didn’t end up running my 5k that AM. He surprised me fairly early, so we could get on the road and beat some unnecessary traffic. I planned to post a cute pic or two of Tahoe but seems weird now that we are broken up.

Fast forward to April 25th, when I actually decided to run my virtual race. Life got in the way during March, then the break-up happened, then I found myself on a random Wednesday trying to get in a workout before an evening of fun with M. The packet had been taunting me for awhile, as it sat right next to my bed ever since I received it. I felt bad doing anything with it until I actually did the run. So, I decided I had enough time to run a 5k before I headed out for a fun evening. I threw on some clothes, laced up my Kinvara’s, and headed out to do my run. Don’t even get me started that I ran a virtual Giant race in a blue shirt. Fan FAIL, for sure! At least it is D—-r blue…gross!

The hard part was trying to do just a 5k, so in the end, I did 3.5 mi total. A little extra credit, if you will. That’s what happens When you run your virtual race one month and 22 days late!

Mile 1 – 9:55.33
Mile 2 – 9:44.10
Mile 3  – 9:53.26
Mile 4 – 5:10.29
Total Time – 34:43
Total Distance – 3.5 Miles
Average Pace –  9:55 Min/Mile
Official Result – NADA, None for Virtual Runners

Does a virtual race really need a recap? Probably not, but you’re getting one, because I paid good money for the shirt, bib, and medal…to ultimately get even more medals as the year progresses! HAHA! What a dork, but a happy, SF Giants-loving dork I am!

So yeah, this is probably the most RANDOM race recap I’ve ever written, besides the time we MISSED a race and I had to recap that. But even though I’m poorer and late to do the run, I am happy we get to do the Series Sweep this year. I’m glad they make it possible for the likes of those that cannot go to all four cities on the Giant Race running tour. I don’t think I’ll ever feel the need to pay for this again unless I can physically be at all four races. For now, I’m enjoying the decision we made to do this and going with it. Also, I’m posting these race recaps out of order, because well, nothing about this time in my life has been orderly. Anything…

Virtual racers are an interesting breed…

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