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City Girl Does Cancún

It all started with a letter…

…and continues with a beautiful and very memorable wedding on the beach of Cancún.

Not, not my love story. HAHA! But the dreamiest of stories of the Wench meeting, falling in love and marrying Hotlanta in a whirlwind long-ish weekend in Mexico surrounded by love, family, and friends.

I absolutely love the idea of a destination wedding. I love even more when friends decide that is how their wedding will go down. #LivinLaVidaThornton! We’ve been anticipating this trip for over a year and the calendar date finally met reality. There was definitely a little somewhat last minute rearranging I had to do since my plus one situation changed about two months before we were set to leave. But, again, serendipitously, it worked out how it was supposed too. Perfectly. Probably the best vacation I’ve had in the last four years!


Originally, the flights I booked were made to travel with our friends. However, with the change in plus one, we had to change flights altogether. Funny thing, coming and leaving, we left at the exact same time as friends, but our layovers took us to different locations. But we always arrived within about 10-15 minutes of the other flight. It worked out just fine, as traveling with Lil is the easiest thing to do. But it probably would have been a little more fun to travel with a larger group of friends. Southwest flights from SMF to CUN are minimal and the hours are awful, thus us being at the airport around 3 AM on Friday! Despite different flights, we spent our airport time with Trin and Cuterson, until we boarded different planes. As I boarded my flight, I was able to walk on the tarmac to board from the back of the plane. It was cool, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. We made our way to Denver for a couple hour layover, where we grabbed some Einstein Bros. Bagels + much-needed coffee for breakfast. Then we boarded our last leg to Cancún and I scored us the ‘Exit’ row and even got some extra leg room for the long flight. Holler!

We’ve arrived!

Thankfully, the wedding package came with transportation, so we gathered our bags and friends, then headed to Beach Palace Resort — a kid-friendly all-inclusive. We were greeted with a red carnation and a cold towel for the humid weather. We dropped our bags and checked-in. We ran into the groom and friends, as they were on their way to the Welcome Happy Hour. We decided to go reserve our excursions for the trip, to get it out of the way and to give our bags time to get to our room. I’ll leave you in a little suspense about what we decided to do, read further my friends…

We wanted to freshen up before we went down to see everyone, but our bags took forever. We rushed to freshen up, but it should be noted, we had no clue how to turn on the damn lights. HAHA! Apparently, for conservation sake, you now have to put your room key into a slot and it activates your lights. I wonder how many calls per day the front desk gets for this. When the bags did come, the bellman did give us the breakdown of the lights and everything else that the room came with.

Can we talk about the dope ass room for a second? A huge dual jacuzzi in the room, a secret drawer that held four bottles of booze for our liking, a stocked mini-fridge (soda, water, juice, and beer), and a bottle of red wine for our liking too. All-inclusive’s are where it’s at. Seriously, we are already thinking of a family trip back here or somewhere just like this! I had upgraded our room to the Ocean view, lucky bonus for Lil 😉 There was a huge bed-style lounger on the balcony and also a small chair set-up too.

We barely made it to the HH, basically in time to snap pics with the crew and receive our Welcome Kit, which came stocked with the cutest and most thoughtful little goodies for us — waterproof phone holders, cute little drink holders (pineapple and flamingo), mints, Tums, Skittles, face masks, Shout wipes, OFF wipes, a personalized note, and a personalized DND door hanger. We all decided to go check out the steakhouse, TERRAZA for dinner, as a group.

After dinner, we all changed into our suits for some evening swimming at the rooftop pool, the Sky Bar. Adult beverages, relaxing, and viewing the Snapchat filters for the wedding funstivites. I’m not an SC gal, but I had to see what the Wench picked out for her wedding weekend! It had been a long day, so we called it a night around midnight… I think…



Absolutely nothing planned for our first full day in Cancún, besides a massage! Okay, that might be a small lie, but seriously, nothing about this trip was over-scheduled or over-planned, even though sometimes that’s how I roll. Again, trying new things and living differently. We woke up and hit the gym for a bit, then grabbed coffees at the Sweet & Coffee shop, similar to the resorts own coffee and treats bar. The Wench really wanted to do paddleboard yoga, which Lil and I completely obliged — so up our alley. We grabbed loungers and watched them set-up the paddle boards. Thank goodness they tie them together, we were a little worried how this would all play out 😉 Only four of us could actually do yoga, plus the instructor who had his own board facing us. I forgot his name, but he was awesome and funny! We had a blast but did feel a little inappropriate bending all kinds of ways in our swimsuits for everyone to see. Oh well, we laughed the entire time and had a blast.

After, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Tequila, the main buffet at the resort because we were starving! After we ate, we headed straight out for our first beach experience for some relaxing fun in the sun. On our way past the pool, we saw a cool bar that had swings as their chairs. Apparently, this is a thing and I LOVE everything about it. Of course, we had to snap pics! My massage was at 1 PM and it was suggested I come early to take advantage of the extra spa amenities. Everyone got a little tired of the beach, so we headed up to the other pool with the water slide for a bit. Of course, I had to give it a go before I headed off to enjoy my massage.

Each room/guest receive a specific amount of resort credits in relation to how many nights you are staying. We had $750 to burn through, but only $150 could be used toward Spa services. Since Lil already came with a proper mani and pedi, we couldn’t really share anything. So, she was kind enough to let me use part of ours toward a massage. Thus, my serene trip to their Awe Spa. I didn’t snag any pics because as soon as I was whisked away, I put everything in a locker and enjoyed my time there. The service here was unreal, I had my own attendant for the sauna and steam room experience. She was amazing and doted on me hand and foot, I felt bad for how awesome she was. I can barely stand all that heat, so I did five minutes in each one — both ended with a cold shower after to close my pores. Gah! HAHA, then I was escorted to a relaxing area to wait for my masseuse. I was actively trying really hard to be present and it was amazing. I was so relaxed and enjoyed each moment and didn’t get lost in my mind or thoughts. It was exactly the environment I needed to practice being present. Originally I wasn’t allowed to select the deep tissue massage, so I went with the holistic massage. But when my masseuse asked about the pressure, I asked for it to be more and she did just that. So, hah, I ended up getting exactly what I wanted. I’m pretty sure, despite the intense pressure, I dozed in and out of sleep only to be woken up to turn over. I thought it was over, HAHA! I didn’t go in with huge expectations, but everything about my Awe Spa experience was amazing and left me completely serene as I made my way back to the beach with everyone!

We spent hours on hours just enjoying the gorgeous beach. Between bouts of sweating through laying out to dipping in the ocean, I read, I dozed off, and I chatted with everyone. We ordered beachside drinks and snacks and truly enjoyed the moment. And finally 3 PM came around and we could finally play on the beautiful pitch we’d been staring at all day. Earlier, I had tried to get a soccer ball, but could not source one — language barrier and I was being extremely lazy. The daily resort activities said they’d be playing a soccer game at 3 PM, so Lil and I waited. When it finally rolled around, we walked over to play. I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t realize how hard. It also didn’t help that we played with little dudes that were quick and small, but thankfully not super good. HAHA! There were also a few more adults and we were all sweating within a minute of playing. Carla, the resort activity lady, said we’d play to ten goals, but that was way too much. HAHA! We separated the teams and played, it was pretty intense because the little dudes were taking it so seriously. We had a blast but were exhausted and sore afterward. My feet and ankles hurt a lot. We dipped in the ocean to cool off, then went right back to focusing on our tans!

Prior to this trip, I’d been slowly reading the Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. It is the most profound, yet hardest book I’ve ever read. The simplicity of his words, yet the complexity of it all, plus my life events made this really hard for me to take in. I had to re-read so many different parts, it was unreal. But it hit home. I really wanted to read my chic lit book, which I also had, but I also wanted to finish this book. I was destined to bring this and finish it here, it was exactly what I needed, where I needed it. If you ever get the chance, I’d highly suggest this book.

After we’d had enough sun, because it went down, we went to our room to get ready for dinner. We decided to all try Wok, the Japanese restaurant that night. They wigged out on us because we had one more person than the table was allotted for, but in the end, it seemed to work out. It was a long dinner, but we didn’t have plans. Instead of desserting here, we went to the buffet to try all the goodies they had. Each night and meal they offer a plethora of goodies. You can also go hit up the coffee + sweets stop and get ice cream and bonbons too. This place is literally a eaters delight! We were exhausted, so Lil and I just went to our room and read on the balcony and chilled out for the evening.


Wedding Day!

Again, no true plans on the itinerary for today! The only real thing we had to be accountable for was being ready for the wedding and in the lobby at 5:30 PM. We did a pretty quick workout, then grabbed breakfast and headed out to the beach to start our day. We’d had a lot of beach thus far, so after a couple hours we headed up to the Sky Bar pool to relax there. We also headed up there because ordering food was much faster and it was better quality. We wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to leisurely get ready for the wedding, so we left the pool around 3:30 PM.

We met the wedding crew down in the lobby at 5:30 PM. We were then escorted to the beach for the perfect wedding!

Then, #LivinLaVidaThornton happened…

And then we took advantage of the gorgeous backdrop and took a gagillion pics while we watched the lovely couple take their pics! Everything about this day and this trip were beyond what I think any of us could have asked for. No schedule, no expectations. Just relaxing, fun and, loved ones surrounded us the entire trip!

We enjoyed dinner on the terrace of the buffet since it is the only place that could fit our group of thirty. The groom gave a lovely toast…and again, not a dry eye in the house.

After dinner, we had a few mins to run to our room to grab whatever we needed for the reception. Some changed, some grabbed their suits. We all then converged at the rooftop bar for more wedding fun. This is where they had their first dance and cut the cake. There was plenty of dancing and enjoying the moment. They also had appetizers to snack on.

…then this happened!

Post reception, we all moved to the other rooftop poor + bar for more celebrating. What a perfect evening and wedding all around. Not a dry eye in the house from the wedding to the dinner, tears of happiness and awe at such beautiful words and thoughts shared! The beautiful words they shared with each other, and us, were magical. This is a night none of us will forget. Especially for the Wench and I, as we jumped into the pool together, wedding dress and all. This was literally the most laid back, yet beautiful wedding I’ve ever been too. Sand in the toes and love in the air, #LivinLaVidaThornton was as amazing as the couple is! I am so happy she has found her happily ever after and that I was able to be there to witness it all, with all of our close friends and her family too. I will always treasure this trip and remember it.

There’s still more Cancún to share, but you’ll have to wait for the next post. Too many pics and things to share for just one post.

Our tans will fade, but the memories (and hashtag) will live forever…


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