Musings: I Got Dumped and Lululemon Saved Me

When even lululemon doesn’t like to see you so sad…

…And this is why I am a Marketer. Why I went to college to focus on marketing for my career. No, not for free shit! But for the way a Digital Engagement Team can elevate a brand in the eyes of a consumer.

I’ve never hidden that I have an obscene, possible obsession, love for lululemon. But my love has hit an all-time high after my most recent interaction with them. I tweet them on occasion. I obsessively shop their We Made Too Much section. I always go into their brick and mortar when I’m at any mall, home or traveling. I’m a Lulu fan, to say the least!

I don’t think I’ve ever actually said: “I got dumped.” But I guess it has some truth to it. Juan did break it off. But using the word dumped sounds so harsh, ugly, and mean. Why is this word synonymous with breakups? It is extremely harsh. So ugly, in fact. Dump is a site for depositing garbage, dumping is to deposit or dispose of, typically in a careless or hurried way. Regardless, nothing about our relationship feels like these words. Nothing was dumped, it just wasn’t right, among a myriad of other reasons. I guess I needed a catchy title for the blog post, but I don’t particularly like that word.

So, I randomly sent out the following tweet:

Literally, it was just one of those random tweets that I do from time to time (or all the time, looking at my tweet count). I didn’t think anything of it when I hit the ‘Tweet’ button and sent my message into the Interwebs.

But then, this happened…

Please don’t all go running to my Twitter account (@ganeeban) now, it’s pretty emo since the breakup. I’ve used it as a source of sharing and reading a plethora of relationship, self-growth, and healing articles. I have also used it as a space to express more emotional stuff, instead of using any other social media platforms since most of my followers are arbitrary. So now my twitter is a feed of relationship randomness + SF Giants stuff, very #MusingsOfAGirlyTomboy! HAHA!

Of course, I sent a direct message (DM) to them. We had a fun little banter back and forth and oddly, the employee’s name was Stephanie too! She did hint that she may send a ‘small package’ my way, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Fast forward to a week later and Stephanie sent me another message and let me know that something was in the works. Again, I did not expect anything…but of course, I was hopeful. Then a little surprise nugget arrived in my inbox. I almost deleted it and thought it was spam, but alas, it was not!

It wasn’t until I actually looked at the email and saw the note: A breakup kit is incomplete without a gift card to enjoy some ice cream—a.k.a. healing for the mind and soul.

SERIOUSLY?! I was floored that they sent me such a generous sweet treat AND put such a cute and thoughtful note in there. I was still a little confused, especially because it came from ‘Digital Engagement.’ But the Marketer in me knew who/what they were, but still, nowhere did it say lululemon.

Aaaaannnnd then…

On Monday, I came home from a full day of work, doctors appointments, and a long gym session to a box at our front door! Who says Monday’s suck?! And it was this…

I was soooo excited, ask the Guidette! I couldn’t believe they actually sent me something. Well, yes, I can believe they did. Marketing 101, folks! I delicately opened the box…

All the heart eyes, lulu. All the heart eyes.

They literally sent everything I listed in my tweet, well, besides wine — but they sent the perfect replacement, the insulated wine holder is even better! I can always buy the wine. I am still so floored by their generosity and kindness, for no reason at all. Why did I get so lucky?

Can we please talk about how perfect their movie selection was for the breakup package? A hilarious movie in itself, but based on breaking up! Stephanie + Digital Engagement Team, you all put so much thought behind this care package, I’m so thankful! And, now can we really talk about what you all want to know…the lulus are amazing. They are the softest, akin to skin lulu’s I’ve ever owned. Their color is amazing and different and I am so excited to wear them!

Do these lulus make me look single?

The book title is just a coincidence, it was the next book up in my line-up! But the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

I seriously cannot believe this happened. I am extremely thankful for whomever my guardian lulu angel is in Canada! I was already a customer for life, but this just sealed the deal! I am getting to a really good place, but this just put me even closer. Knowing there are kind souls out there, for no reason or intrinsic value, who still want to share kindness with others makes me happy. Without being cheesy, hell I don’t even care if I am cheesy, this breakup has been so transforming. The growth and reflection have been really surreal and transforming, but much needed. At the expense of my emotional stability and a broken heart, I’ve found a level of awareness and happiness I didn’t know I was capable of. I will continue to seek these things, regardless of what is destined for me. Who would have ever guessed one of the hardest things I’d endure would bring me some of the best things and experiences I’ve ever had? For that, I am grateful.

Lulu, thank you for being extremely generous and kind for no reason, other than you saw my tweet. You are killing the marketing game. I’m sure I wasn’t the first person who you took care of and I know I won’t be the last, but know that this token of kindness will never be forgotten by me. I will always remember this and I hope it reminds me to spread kindness, of all types, each and every day.

Breakup lulus are N O W  a thing!

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