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Musings: Take Your Parents to Work Day

Millennials are good for something…

…like faux national holidays celebrating food or random things for social media, being overly active in expressing their feelings, and a whole bunch of other sarcastic things you can insert here. However, one thing I can totally get behind is the creation of Take Your Parents to Work Day.

For years, we millennials have accompanied our parents to work for a day. Did you do this growing up? I loved going with my Dad, because he let me do work (or play, I’m not too sure) on Excel and I felt important and excited to eventually enter the workforce. Even though he was in finance and I wanted to be in marketing, I knew one day I’d be like him and it made me excited. Excited to grow up and do grown-up things, but as I write this, I see what a great example he was setting for me.

I knew one of the progressive companies started this, but after doing a little research I learned that Google hosted one in 2013, since many of its workforce was under 30 and did not have children, for the traditional ‘Take Your Child to Work Day.’ So thus, Take Your Parents to Work Day, came about. It makes sense.

This year, VSP hosted their first ever, TYPTWD. Yes, I dislike acronyms, but it’s almost easier to type that versus keep writing it out. The teased us about this event for a while, but shared the date it would go down. We didn’t get the full scope of the event until about two weeks prior. You were allowed to register two adults to accompany you for TYPTWD. There was no question I was going to bring both of the Parentals. However, the date coincided with the first day of the CA State Fair, so Poppa Bear would be working and couldn’t come with me 🙁

Momma Bear could and she did! Our day started right at 8 AM, where she checked in with Security and received her credentials to be on campus with me. I walked her through part of our main headquarters to get to the conference room where a continental breakfast waiting for us. We checked her in and she got the coolest swag bag, filled with all things VSP. We grabbed breakfast and I introduced her to a handful of co-workers and I met their parents in return. We settled into our seats for the welcome orientation. They learned about VSP and all that we do.

After that, from 9 AM to 11:30 AM anything was fair game. There was the 20-minute walking tour of our “Circle of Success” to learn even more about VSP. They had an Eyeconic Mobile boutique to look at and try on products, prescheduled tours of the Eyes of Hope mobile clinic, and the Showroom was open too. They also encouraged you to take your parents to your regularly scheduled meetings too. I didn’t have any planned, so we headed to my desk so she could meet my team and see my cube.

I introduced her to everyone and then we sat for a minute, so I could answer a few emails and do a few things. Then we decided to go take advantage of all the TYPTWD activities. We first went to the Eyeconic Mobile boutique where we had tons of fun trying on styles and brands we normally wouldn’t buy. We were being adventurous and also looking at what we could really buy with our vision insurance. We found some over the top sunnies and had to snag some pics.

Then I showed her through some of the other buildings on campus, and most importantly, showed her our gym. Then we made our way to the Showroom in the farthest building on campus, so she could see how cool it was designed. We had blast trying on even more glasses and suns. She was surprised at how many brands VSP owns. It was fun to show her how different this building is from all the other buildings on campus. She really liked the little breakout nooks and thought writing on the tables was cool. I had her sit in the fun pod chairs, but she wasn’t feeling them but was a good sport about trying them out. We made our way back across the street to the main headquarters where we took our walking tour of the Circle of Success. Right as that ended, we ran over to the mobile clinic to see what that entailed. This was also the FIRST time I’d ever been on the mobile clinic. It is so cool to hear first-hand experiences from an employee who gets to give the gift of sight to those who need it. She had the best stories and seeing how they run the clinic was cool.

After that our day was essentially done. We stopped back by my desk one last time, then we went to headquarters to stop by and peek at the group of booths set-up. They had a photo booth available for us to be silly and Mom got to learn and ask questions about Level too. I wanted to treat her to lunch, so I gave her the option to stay and try one of the cafes on campus or we could go out. She wanted to try the cafe and we ended up sharing an order of nachos. We shared a table with my coworker Megan and her mom and we chatted about the day and their experience.

Overall, I had a blast showing off my workplace to my Mom. I didn’t get to truly show her what I do, but I did get to show her one of my handiwork pieces in her swag bag. I was even more proud to show her off to everyone. I hope this was a successful event and they bring it back next year, so I can bring both of my parents together.

As if the day wasn’t already awesome, we ended it even better. Once Shell got into town, the Ganiban Gals went to the fair. We greeted Poppa Bear as he was working and then he met up with us after his shift ended. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve gone to the fair on Opening Day! It was hot, but fun to spend some family time together partaking in one of our yearly Summer traditions.

TYPTWD makes me proud to be a millennial!

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