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Musings: Lash Out

Lash out…

But not in the psycho, angry at the world kinda way. Like the beautiful, lashing of your eyes!

I’d been saying for a while I wanted them. I have done extensive, local research for cost and skills. This is an expensive journey to start, from the initial set to the frequency of fills. That all being said, I decided to not to go for it. Eventually, I started the process over again, trying to find a reasonable solution. I’d done three rounds of this, without following through. Mostly, because the cost seems exorbitant and I already have enough girly maintenance that’s built into my budget. I honestly couldn’t justify lashes (during that financial situation of my life).

That was until I was referred to Margie, by a friend. My friend contacted her and let her know I was in the market for lashes, she then sent me her magical lash lady deets. As we were sitting around the kitchen table chatting, I text Margie immediately, she was awesome and quick to respond. She was fun and I loved that she used emojis so freely. I knew we’d get along just fine!

Finally, I got my first set and had a mostly love and a little-hate relationship with them. They look absolutely beautiful, BUT they are a pain in the ass to maintain. Thankfully, I listened to Juan and got the most natural looking one she offers. By natural, I mean the shortest possible in extension length. He was so worried they be fake and gaudy, as was I.

Lashes give me a boost in self-confidence and I also gain back about 10 to 15 minutes while getting ready. But, then I lose time when it comes to washing them. Depending on the timeline of when I got my most recent set, depends on how much care I truly give them. In the beginning, I’m immaculate about my cleaning technique, but as the first week bleeds into the second week, I get lazier and not as particular, since they are slowly falling out. Also, I think when I do want to get a little fancier or dolled up, my eyes don’t pop as much, even with eyeshadow — since the lashes bring my every day look up a notch. I know, a serious case of first world girly probs over here!

I started with the initial set and went a couple of times for fills, then I stopped. I decided it was an expense I should cut out. During this time of my life, it was becoming a financial burden, even though Margie is beyond reasonable. Then the breakup happened and I used it as a little self-care to get through the beginning. The lashes literally lifted my spirit to see them, especially when I felt like I was walking around looking sad all the time. It gave me a little boost, even though through all the tears they fell out faster than normal. But I kept them going for a long time and loved them. Then I decided to really commit to my triathlon training and I again stopped getting my lashes since I’d be in the pool sporting sexy goggles! However, I truly hated not having them.

Lashes give me a great confidence boost. They even make me forget about the fake boobs I’ve always wanted. Seriously, I’ve wanted fake boobs since I was sixteen. But, lately, I’ve come to love my body as it is. But something about how dramatic and easy to get ready lashes make my days is so enticing. I thought I could forgo them, but to be honest, I can’t. I am a little indulgent on my girly appointments — waxing, hair, and nails, but that’s the girly in the Musings of a Girly Tomboy!

I was lucky to find an awesome lash artist that charges a reasonable price. Margie does an amazing job and although you can tell I’m sporting fake lashes, they aren’t as if I’m walking around wearing Halloween style lashes (re super dramatic) 365. They are just dramatic enough, but still semi-casal to the average person who sees me. Who knew something so small could make a difference in my confidence. Obviously, I could live without them if I needed too, but I don’t need to (financially), so why should I? A little less disposable income (but more than before the breakup) and a lot of happiness seem worth it to me!

Is there anything you spend money on that makes you feel better? Sometimes its clothes, sometimes it’s a facial, but whatever it is, as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t negatively affect you, (or your bank account too much) I say go for it. Some people love to bucket it under ‘self-care,’ I just own it and say that they make me feel good. I don’t believe I deserve nice things or to be well cared for, for things to be considered ‘self-care.’ I openly respect things that make me happy. It is okay to nurture yourself, especially if it allows you to grow and thrive, and more importantly, enjoy more of the moments in your life. To be fair, the upkeep is very time consuming, but the ROI is worth my little bump in self-confidence.

I dare you not to lie down with your eyes closed for at least 45 mins and NOT fall asleep!


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