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Musings: More Than Just the BOOs

But BOOs is also pretty awesome too!

The distraction of international travel didn’t really leave much mental space for Halloween thoughts. I had less than two days + jetlag to get my act together and get into the ghouly spirit. I anticipated not actually caring since the last four Halloweens were dedicated to someone else(s), but I actually felt like I should and kinda wanted to too.

Work is ALL about Halloween. It seems to have stemmed from a previous CEO, but don’t quote me on that. People take it seriously around here. Emails more than a month prior go out about the decor and theme. And you thought I was joking about the seriousness of the hocus pocus around here. That being said, only having gone a full day in the office before the big day, I still felt the pressure to be a part of it. Mostly personal pressure, but still some outside pressure to participate in my FIRST Halloween at work. And boy am I glad I did.

Halloween Eve, I ran to Evangeline’s, which is the most epic costume mansion in Northern California, to get something quick and easy to dress up as. Our division had voted on a ‘Circus’ theme, so I was looking for something to fit that. My original idea was an elephant, seemed easy enough — ears, trunk, and maybe a tail. However, I knew when I arrived at the Evangeline’s, I’d be overly excited by ‘The Circus’ section with all it’s expensive glitz and glam. I gave myself a $30 budget. I was stuck between a cheap version of a homemade ring master-ish or the elephant stuff I originally went to find. I could not get myself to buy the phallic looking elephant trunk and accessories. Also, I’ve always been obsessed with the too cute small hats AND this was the perfect reason to finally buy one! So, I bought a cute little ringmaster top hat, sparkly red suspenders, and a sparkly gold bow-tie. I planned to wear a white shirt tucked into black jeans and add my sparkly purchases. Easy, but definitely kinda janky looking.

While I was out shopping with the masses on Halloween Eve, the Guidette mentioned we got Boo’d! I had no idea how much I was hoping it would happen. I honestly didn’t think it would happen, but I also didn’t put much thought into it either. But when it DID happen, I was overwhelmed with a sense of love and appreciation. Although my life has gone through some big changes this year, people are still showering me with love and finding ways to unexpectedly fill my heart. I have a sneaking suspicion who it was, but I’ll let their secret be theirs.

I really need to BOO it forward next year. I am so smitten with this year’s BOO. I actually noticed that Target sold the same BOO kit and my first thought was — they make money on everything. Second thought, how cute and they’ve made it too easy for me now, NOT to BOO someone. So, next year, I am going to make it a priority to BOO someone or some two’s!

Fastfoward to the real day and I wasn’t prepared for what it was truly going to be like at work. Holy spirited bunch of people! Themes executed brilliantly and taken to a whole different level. I saw glimpses of it before leaving the night before, but the day of was unreal. I also learned that kids come by our cubicles to trick-or-treat, so I grabbed a bowl, some candy, and some cute, silly glasses because they were too appropriate for where I work. I swear we got work done yesterday, but we all made sure to have fun too. I was so giddy each time a kid came to my cube for candy.

The devastation of being a Grid Kid on Halloween is finally gone. Living in the ‘burbs meant that I would be able to pass out Halloween candy FINALLY! I skipped the gym and set-up camp fairly early, too early to be exact. I did a quick costume change and make-up refresh for our little friends that evening. I wore my awesome steal of a donut costume from the post-Halloween Target sale last year. I swear, it was $3.98 a few days after Halloween. Winning! The Guidette and I set up camp in our courtyard with our BOOs in the cutest wine glasses she procured for us while I was away, a bowl of REGULAR sized candy bars and another bowl of fun size candies. Ready. Waiting.

And more waiting. HAHA. I’d say we got about 50 to 60 kids that evening. The pure joy in hearing their voices when they realized the regular sized candy bars was amazing. The little babies that loved the light up pumpkin and bypassed the candy bowl were too cute. The overall politeness of most kids made my heart happy too! All the anticipation and desire to pass out candy was well worth the wait, my heart was extremely full from finally doing what I’ve been wanting to do forever. After a few hours of slanging candy, we were starving, despite the multiple candy wrappers that surrounded us. We closed up camp, set out the rest of the candy and went to grab dinner.

I was excited to try the new spot that recently opened up in our neighborhood, La Crosta. Unfortunately, my pizza was gross for some reason. The zucchini had an off taste and the server swore it was cooked with salt, pepper, and olive oil. But it had the grossest aftertaste. I took them all off and then it was decent, but just became a pesto pizza with cheese. Oh well, glad to have tried it and will give them another chance soon.

Sometimes I’m apprehensive about all the firsts again. I was really unsure of how I’d feel on this day, especially because for four years prior I’d focused on making sure someone else had the best birthday and also another someone else had a memorable Halloween (and trying to combine them equally). This year, I got to do what I wanted and it felt right. It felt good. I wasn’t sad at all, which I didn’t really anticipate either. I just truly enjoyed my day, which felt nice. Originally I felt a little unsure about it, but in the end, my people came through when I didn’t even realize I may need or want it. From the BOO, funstivites at work, to handing out candy, my day was pretty amazing.

Creepin’ it real for another day of BOOs!

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