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Diary of a Non-Cook: The EASIEST Appetizer Ever

Well Christmas came and went like a whirlwind.

And as per the usu, I was tasked with an appetizer for our big celebration. I really should ask for dessert, since I can never get there on time. But, it makes the suspense that much more exciting for everyone 😉

Happily, I was done with most of my Christmas stuff a week or so-ish before the big day. Little things here and there, but nothing like the last few years of stress and more stress. Easy and light, just how the holidays should be. But I didn’t really feel like making an extravagant appetizer, so I ran to Pinterest and found the perfect recipe using the following words: five, ingredient, and appetizer. Look familiar? Yup, just like the Diary of a Non-Cook(ie) Party search. My searches are basically the same now. Why change what seems to work?

A very interesting pin appeared: 14 Lazy Holiday Appetizers That Are Actually Impressive. Despite being turned off by the word lazy, I followed the pin to the article and scrolled through the images. I added #6 – Brie and Fig Crostini to the memory bank. When I went back to find the recipe, it brought me to the Chew Out Loud blog and the real recipe.

Since there are anywhere from thirty to forty people at our gathering, I always need to make sure I have enough appetizers to go around, which meant I had to make a Costco trip for the minimal items needed: baguette and Brie. I initially purchased the fig jam at Nugget market, which is why this recipe was selected. I saw it on display and decided then and there the recipe I memory banked requiring figs was going to be the one I’d make. I was going to buy the Brie there, but it was pricey...so I opted to wait for Costco.

It was a Christmas Miracle to be in and out of Costco, including parking, in 30 minutes on Christmas Eve! They even had freshly baked baguettes for me too. I perused the wine selection and grabbed a couple of bottles on sale too. Best and easiest trip to Costco, E V E R!

Since Christmas morning is pretty busy for our family, I decided in between activities, I’d prep the appetizer as much as possible. At home, I cut the Brie and the baguette, so when I got to the Ogi’s casa, all I had to do was bake and assemble, then serve.


  • 1 full size baguette, sliced into 1/4 inch slices
  • 3 TB butter, melted
  • 1 TB olive oil
  • 1 wheel (about 15 oz) good quality brie, sliced into 1/4 slices
  • 1 jar (about 18 oz) fig preserves

I had to steal (re: borrow) a stick of butter from the Parentals on Christmas Eve because I couldn’t recall if I had any at home. I also decided to use the olive oil I had shipped from Italy too. So after melting the butter and adding it to the olive oil, I brushed the baguette slices on both sides and set them to bake, flipping once. When they were just crispy enough, I added the Brie and let them cook for a couple more minutes. I almost set it to broil, but it was too hectic in the kitchen to chang the oven temperature. When the Brie was perfectly melty, I took them out and quickly added the fig to finish the appetizers. Lil and my cousin handed them out as I made them fresh.

So…friggin…EASY! However, do you eat the rind of Brie cheese? I defintely went to Google to see the legit answer. I asked my family and there was no consenus, some did, some didn’t. So, to be sure, I looked it up. And yes, you can eat it! They even encourage you to eat it. I avoid it, so I guess I go against the norm. Oh well. I did this research before I sliced the cheese too (duh), but just an extra credit note for you…in case you were wondering.

Because I was in such a rush with the appetizers, I didn’t get to curate them as much as I would have liked. I just plopped the fig on top and some had a lot and some had less. It was not the prettiest, but everyone enjoyed them! I didn’t even get to take pics of the ingredients, the set-up, or anything really — besides one of me holding one plate (thanks Lil)! So, it was another win for me. Seriously, everyone should have this recipe (if you can call it that) in their back pocket as a last minute appetizer option. Minimal ingredients and cook time needed, it should be included in any hostess with the mostess secret arsenal of tricks.

Impress your fam with these flavors and they’ll never know how easy it was…

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