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Musings: My Claim to Fame

I’m like, kinda Insta-famous…

Totally kidding. However, this day in age, when a brand reposts, or even comments on your social, it tends to mean something to some. Some people could give a rats ass about this stuff. I can appreciate that. Then you have those, like myself, who enjoy the sentiment from a brand. This could be becuase this is also my line of work. Or part narcassim, or part (social media) culture.

Anywho, I staged a fun pizza pic after the madness of our December Girls Night had died down. There was a plethora of chaotic kid-ness going on and I patiently waited to take my staged photo when they all headed home on sugar highs.

I’ve been obsessed with Bow and Drape since I saw their stuff at Nordstrom a year (or two ago). AND we all know my silly obsession with shirts that have sayings on them too. So, this quirky millennial customizable fashion is right up my alley. They’ve evolved since I first found them, you can now customize anything you’d like, but I wasn’t as creative — I was gifted and bought the pre-made versions. And I LOVE them, they are so PUNny!

I’m not very consistent about tagging companies, brands, or restaurants in all of my pics, but I tend to do this more often than not. On this occasion, I tagged Pizza Hut in my image, because that is where Lot ordered the pizza from. I didn’t think much of it until their social team arrived to work on Monday and slid into my DM 😉

They kindly asked if they could use my photo on their page, which I obviously agreed too. Why wouldn’t I? I spout this type of stuff to doctors daily, so it was nice to know large brands employ the same best practices I share at work too. They even offered to send me a little treat for using my photo. Of course, I had to look at their page, which I found interesting — their aesthetic didn’t line up with the picture I took. I still thought it was cool that they liked it enough to reshare it.

Oddly enough, I shared it on Twitter earlier on Monday AM too. So, I’m not sure where their social team saw it first. But either way, they found me on both channels and shared the love.

I found it really interesting to read the comments on the PH post. No one was mean, but there was a few interesting comments. I wonder how I’d react if there were mean comments about me on there. I’ve been practicing not reacting to negativity, so I think I’d be good…even if my inital reaction would be to feel hurt. I’m human.

Also, in a very symboic timely manner, I came across another IG post about social media. It read as follows…

“…I am not my social media.
the truest me cannot be measured in likes and
shares and comments, a photograph cannot fully
capture my compassion, my love
nor my soul…

While I love socia media, I also know it isn’t real life. My life is not dictated by the likes I recieve or the branded shares I recieve (cause they are VERY minimal). But I can appreciate when it does happen and even come here to share it with you. But I hope, you don’t think, for a second, that my self worth resides in these actvities. I do this for a living, so I do see a high value in social media antics, but I am still the same girly tomboy who is healing her heart, lifting weights, and living the mundane day to day, happily.

Why do I feel like I need to justify writing about this? Because I do. This is a  question I keep asking myself — because my therapist taught me well! What I’ve come up with is at one point I had some very critical people in my life and I still think about their perceptions and negative thoughts. Do I have to justify this? No. Am I still? Yes. But recognizing it shows the growth I’ve made. I am here saying, I know your judgment has nothing to do with what I say or do, but more to do with what is going on inside of you. So yes, I’m happy, maybe even slightly proud that Pizza Hut shared a curated post by me. It’s not a business I frequent, but I appreciate them recognizing my curation and sharing it to their audience. I wasn’t paid. I did it on my own. BUT I will enjoy their gracious gift for posting it in the near future 😉

My 30 seconds as a pizzalebrity…

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