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Musings: I Was Tidying Up Before It Was Cool

Simplifying for my life, is as tidying up for Marie Kondo.

I can’t truly say I was doing this before it was cool, but I can say I was using the basics of Kondo’s method without truly knowing I was. I knew the very basics about her method and I knew she had a book about it all — years ago though. It never popped into my consciousness back at the end of April last year, when I started my process.

I remember hearing about touching your stuff and asking yourself if they ‘spark joy.’ I kinda laughed at it, slightly mocked it, but thought it was silly, yet interesting too. Not enough to go buy her book and read it.

Thanks to Netflix, the likes of me don’t even have too! They took the time consuming, rather less glamorous part of reading about tidying up and put it into a nicely packaged show. Eight episodes to be exact. For anything else that requires clarification, YouTube will be your best friend. Or, buying and reading her books too — but I prefer YouTube 😉 Oh and in case you were wondering, her official job title via the Interwebs is a Japanese organizing consultant and author.

In an attempt to spend more time with myself, I perused Netflix one weekend afternoon. I decided to watch the show. Little did I know it would send me into another mini simplifying tailspin. I use tailspin loosely, more like a long drawn out project I decided was good for me!

1.5 episodes deep, I decided I was going to try out her method of folding clothes. I’d recently had to move some stuff around to accommodate some winter clothes into my dresser and it caused some chaos to my order. So, I found some time to start my mini project. It just grew from there. There has been no rhyme or reason as to what I re-fold using the Kondo method. To be fair, I think I pick what I assume will be easiest and wait to do the hard things. The hard things have proven to be long sleeve shirts and sweaters. The easy things have been lulu’s and all my camis.

She actually coined her method — KonMari. So this is what her books must truly delve into:
Rule 1 – Commit yourself to tidying up.
Rule 2 – Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
Rule 3 – Finish discarding first.
Rule 4 – Tidy by category, not by location.
Rule 5 – Follow the right order.
Rule 6 – Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

There is a method to her madness, I chose not to follow it. But to make it easy for you, I thought I’d share her advice to tidying in a specific order:
1. Clothes
2. Books
3. Documents
4. Miscellaneous Items
5. Momentos

It sounds a little hokey, but I also enjoy how she greets a home and says ‘thanks’ to it for providing a space for the people who live in it. I also enjoy how she says thank you to the clothing she decides to discard or donate. I think it is sweet to say thanks for things that have been a part of our lives that depart from us. No hidden, sad meaning here, just enjoying her process.

Another unexpected theme that came through was while couples tidied up, you saw healthy relationship benefits for the couples. Maybe it was scripted in such a manner, but you definitely saw a difference in them. Another thing that caught me off guard and totally brought me back to last year, was realizing how much clothes we truly own. Putting it ALL on the bed is really life-changing. Almost stomach churning, really. When I realized how much stuff I had, I was disappointed in myself. Buying so many things that I never wore or wore very infrequently did not sit well with me. It has helped how I currently spend my money, it reminds me to gut check myself about most clothing purchases.

I felt kinda cool realizing I’d already been using her methods over the years, without realizing it. I use clear containers to organize the ktichen, even though plenty of people have said they were a waste of money. I also use them in my drawers to sepearte different things. HA! Proved you wrong!

I had the folding all wrong though. I’m slowing working my way around my room, drawer by drawer. Then it’s on to my office space, then the bathroom, then going to clean my present wrapping stuff, and take one last look at the kitchen cabinet (I already did this before I started watching the show). Since I purged so much already, I don’t have that much to tidy up these days — which feels amazing.

Markie Kondo: Basic Folding Method

I refuse to fold my chonies! I refuse! There is no way I have time to fold every single pair. But I was intruiged on how to fold my sports bras and socks, which I watched invidual YouTubes when I got too impatient for them to show it on Netflix.

I really enjoyed the show. It’s easy to watch and it’s helpful. I’m waiting for some big box retailer to drop the Kondo line of organizers for your home. Mark my word, that is next. Promise.

Organizing is cathartic…

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