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Musings: One SPECtacular Year

Workavsaries are a thing, right?

If you haven’t come to notice it, I love to celebrate milestones, birthday’s, anniversaries — pretty much anything that can be celebrated. I know this tradition stems from my parents, because they too, like myself, celebrate all this stuff as well – mine, theirs, Lils, everyone’s! ‘Birthday Month’ notwithstanding of course, it created itself and continues to be strong. I won’t defend it, it just happens that way every year. Why stop it? HA HA!

In 2017 I left a job where I loved my coworkers and I enjoyed what I was doing, but saw NO career growth in sight. I left that comfort and became a civil servant, which coupled with an awful manager, was not where I was destined to be. So I closed out 2017 as a tumultuous year for my career to start 2018 with a new perspective to ring in the new year.

A year ago on the second, I started my career with VSP. It was the biggest blessing after finding myself in a dark place with my career. I’ve never been that unhappy at a job before. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was until I was leaving it all. It was stressful and traumatizing, but I’m thriving and have grown from that experience.

Embracing a new industry always has its growing pains, but I’ve enjoyed learning about the world of Optometry and vision insurance. I still feel like I only know 5% of what there is to know, but I feel much more centered in my role. That might also have to do with our recent new hire. She’s been a huge sigh of relief and the calm to my crazy at work.

Again, I find myself looking for my footing as I transition responsibilities to her and take on more of my new(ish) role. I enjoy working directly with doctors, but not losing sight of the marketing essence that I crave. It’s been a fun blend and I continue to learn more about myself as an employee and as a person.

I’ve truly learned to finally slow down while working. I’m not a better employee because I send an email faster. I need to check my work, multiple times. I am a thorough person, but in my scatteredness, I have been losing this skill. And as ALWAYS, my grammar is sorely lacking. So I’ve been taking my time with that as well. Which is ODD, because I love to write. But obviously need to take my time and review what I actually type versus what I think I type!

Celebratory dinner w/ the Parentals

I’ve developed a work schedule that better balances out my daily gym routine and allows me to have somewhat of a social life. I actually get into work earlier, which also helps alleviate traffic conditions. It evolved on its own after the breakup but seems to be been a better option all around.

I can’t even explain the difference between having a manager that supports you and BETTER off, trusts you. I always tell my boss I have PTSD from my previous two bosses, who can be described in two words: micro and manager. I truly feel like I found the right fit when it comes to my job, my company, and my manager/management. Everything seems to be fitting into place here.

I have so many skills to develop and grow, but I feel supported in doing so here. I feel as if I am valued and respected by all levels of the company. I am challenged, yet find laughter in each day I am here. I get to volunteer, step out of my comfort zone, and be part of something larger. I also get to travel a little, which is an awesome bonus to the job.

I’m a little hesitant for my Sophomore year, becuase the second year can be a little weird at times. But I’m taking it in stride, working to be a better employee, and focusing on lessening my deficiencies.

My career depends on my FRAME of mind 😉

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