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Musings: Snail Mail Writing Kit for LoveBugs

Kids have it ALL these days.

They’ll never know what it was like to spend hours on a landline talking to friends, or God forbid…your secret crush. They won’t know about having to use a pay phone to call your parents to pick you up from the mall at a very specific time and location. They won’t know a world without YouTube, where you have to sit at your stereo (what’s that, even?) and hit record at the exact moment you hear your fave song start to play.

Also, I guess, they could care less about running to check the mail each day. Nothing in that weird box is for them. Why, when they can use their phone and/or tablet and send off or receive an email in less than one minute? I get it. But I am also one who has always been obsessed with snail mail and the written word.

So, I find it my duty to keep the tradition alive. My letters aren’t enough financial gains to keep the USPS thriving, but I see it as part of the solution. Recently, I was thinking of a what I could gift a LoveBug that was creative, fun, and had nothing to do with technology.

I know she loves to draw and write stories, so I came up with a little care packaging what I titled “[Insert LoveBugs Name]’s Snail Mail Writing Kit.” It was inexpesnive, easy to put together, and something I think she’ll remember as a gift. Or at least I hope so 😉

I thought I’d share because sometimes giving LoveBug gifts becomes about the cost, not the thought. So, I thought I’d share a unique (to me) way to give something fun to a kid you love. I’m sure there are Pins out there for this, but I’m sharing what I created on my own for a LoveBug in my life. It’s nothing crazy or extraordinary, but its a gift that I got to create with love for her.

I decided there were three essentials for this ‘kit’ — blank cards, envelopes, and postage. I debated if I wanted to send lined paper versus blank cards, but I went with cards, becuase I know this particular LoveBug loves to draw and story tell. So, I think all items in your ‘kit’ can be interchangable for each kid you are gifting it too.

Also, since she loves to draw and decorate letters, I decided I’d spend the time to decorate and draw something for her. I took a blank note card and created a label (of types) to include with the kit. I hand wrote everything and made sure to spend extra time being creative with my design. Here’s essentially what it looked like, but with more love and creativity added:

I included 10 of everything: 10 blank cards, 10 matching envleopes, and 10 Hot Wheeles forever stamps. I bundled it all together, added the handmade label I made and tied it all with cute string. That SIMPLE!

I inlucded a regular card that I had already written out and was going to send, prior to deciding to make this gift for her. I hope she enjoys the small gift and also helps cultivate a love for the written word and snail mail. If not, then it wasn’t expensive and now she has the tools if she ever has to send a card or note to someone. Win, win in my book.

I thought I’d share the blank card and envelope set I purchased. I only sent some of the actual package, because it would have been a little excessive to send 50 cards and envelopes, plus postage would have been off the hook! When you use the weekly Michael’s coupon, you get it 50% off (or 40% off, but it’s Christmas time so they increase the coupon discount):

Also, don’t forget to add the USPS postage to the kit too. I asked the postal clerk to see all the options and I picked out fun Hot Wheels ones. I wish they still produced Disney stamps, but they don’t 🙁 I think it rounds out the gift and literally allows the child to just create, address, and send.

I needed an envelope to send the kit + the card, so I ran to the Dollar Tree and they had the perfect 3M bubble envelopes, 2 for $1. Score! They also had an off-brand too.

Another suggestion for this kit, if the LoveBug does not already know how would be another notecard teaching them how to address an envelope to send via snail mail. Since I’d already taught her how to address an envelope, I knew I didn’t need to add that to this kit. But I’d add it for LoveBugs who may not know how.

I totally understand not everyone has the same love for writing and snail mail as I, but I also think this gift is a good life tool/lesson for a LoveBug. No one really teaches you how to send mail in school. I don’t even remember how I learned as a kid. But when you empower a child to learn and practice for themselves, I think it creates a different way of learning and allows a life skill to be put into practice. While I didn’t mean for this to be about a life skill, rather a fun gift, I think the added benefits is a nice touch.

I hope she likes it and uses it. If she doesn’t, that’s okay too. I am happy to be able to empower her to write and be creative in whatever capacity I can be.

I hope this insipires you to gift your LoveBug something similar.

Curating more than crafting, thats more me.

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