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Musings: I Love Love

I truly do.

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There is nothing more this soccer playing, weight lifting, race running Girly Tomboy loves, than LOVE. Despite my Girly Tomboy exterior/persona, I am a true romantic a heart. I absolutely love everything about being in love, seeing love shared between others, and those cheesy Hallmark movies!

Is it overcommercialized? Hell yeah. Do I care? No! Why not take the time to tell those in your life you love them, one extra day out of the year? If it comes in the form of a present, food, or a card — you get to decide. Celebrate it or not, I’m just here enjoying sharing my love a little extra today!

I think we should show our love every day. But let’s be honest, some days are harder than others. Life gets busy or you could be disagreeing with one another. It’s those days we find it harder to share our love, but maybe that’s when you should show it the most. Some days it will be a grand gesture, like sending Farm Girl flowers and some days it will be a small gesture, like washing the dishes left over from dinner the night before. Love looks different to us all. Everyone is going through their own stuff, but today, Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder to focus on love.

This is my first Valentine’s Day single in awhile and I still love this day. I still love love, even if I’m not currently engulfed in it!

I can look at my parents and see a great example of love and a strong relationship. Their love humbles me while reminding me relationships have ups and downs. I see what genuine love, friendship, and respect between two humans can and should be like. They aren’t perfect, they’ve never acted as they were, which makes it so authentic and admirable.

I can look at my girlfriends who have been there for me, through EVERYTHING. They cover me in love in so many ways, most of the ways being strength, food, and laughter. For no matter my relationship status, they love me as their unbiological sister, unconditionally.

I also love my love. I give a lot. I love a lot. I know this and have been learning how to manage this for my future. It isn’t right or wrong, it’s just me. At times it’s too much and other times it might not be enough for someone, but I know the right person will come a long and appreciate the love I have to share.

No matter how you feel about today, I’d still love to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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