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Race Recap: 2019 Annual Race for Justice

When race day lands on National Bagel Day!

I’ve said it plenty of times, but this race is one of Sacramento’s best-hidden gem for the running community! The ease of parking, the minimal participants, the hills, and the gorgeous homes all make this one of my favorite runs offered in our city! Oh and it celebrates love, which I love!

I didn’t realize this was the 16th year of this race. I’ve done it a bunch, but not sixteen years worth. It always cracks me up that this race is associated with lawyers/attorneys. Love and law don’t seem to equate to me, but hey, it works!

As every year goes, we received the race email, so I text Lot to see if she wanted to do it this year. She was in, so we signed up for it. She also wanted this to be Eve’s first race too! This made my heart so happy. Lot and I have now raced with Eve in her belly, Eve in the stroller, and now Eve’s first actual race — I fell so blessed to be there for these running firsts for Eve.

Packet pick-up was at the local Fleet Feet the day before the race. As I picked up my bib and shirt, the volunteers and I chatted about the impending rain. Everyone was on rain watch and possibly doing their own personal non-rain dance to keep it at bay for Saturday morning.

Fleet Feet Sacramento Packet Pickup

I’ve come to terms with running in the rain with the mantra shared with me, “you can’t be more than 100 percent wet.” It’s so simple and true and reminds me not to worry about something I have no control over. I can prepare as best as possible, but once it rains while I’m running I’ll adapt if necessary.

Race weather
The weather as of 10:47 PM the night before

I, of course, had to snap my flat runner pic. Since I knew the weather could change at any moment, my outfit would have to be fluid. I planned and snapped a pic of the basics that I’d for sure be wearing, even though I really wanted to wear a cute short sleeve pink lulu top. But function over fashion for this girly tomboy!

Race morning went as many Saturday mornings have gone most of 2019, besides getting up a little earlier than normal. I woke up around 6:30 AM and made a cup of coffee and had a slice of toast with REAL butter. Caffeine and carbs are the best way to start each day πŸ™‚ There are a series of kids races before the normal 8:35 AM start. Eve’s race was first, at 8 AM and I was in charge of photos and recording her first actual race. They had three kids races, which seemed to last forever, probably because it was so cold.

It was an absolute amazing expereince to watch Lot and Eve do their first quarter of a mile together. She was one of the smallest kids out there, but they both had a blast. The kids even received medals, which were super cute! I am grateful I could be there to expereince this with them, even though I know she won’t remember this. I will, and for that I’m blessed.

We had about 30 minutes until our 4-mile, and the 1.8-mile, races were to start. We took more pics, chatted, and I ran to use the port-a-potty before the race started. This year I told Lot, with tact of course, I wanted to run it at my pace. Since I knew I’d finish first, I didn’t want to leave my phone with her in her jogger. I did, however, give her my scarf and jacket, which helped keep Eve warm. I also didn’t have pockets to hold a phone, so I decided I was going to ask someone to hold it. I almost asked a farmer’s market vendor but decided to ask a kid volunteering. His mom was right there and he was handing out water, I figured it would be safe. Lot thought I was insane. She may be partially correct.

Since my recent revelation about running, I’ve been in a good place with running. I wasn’t anxious to run, nor was I apprehensive about anything either. I stayed in the back with Lot to start and said goodbye when I hit the timing mat at the start.

So, I probably should have started closer! HAHA! There were tons of people walking that I had to run around. But honestly, it didn’t even matter. I was running to enjoy myself. I was also running to push myself a little. I wanted to see what my body could do, since I don’t run regularly. How efficient has Midtown made me for running?

As usual, the first mile went fast. I had to remind myself to chill and not go into overdrive for the first mile and be in pain the last three miles. I stayed consistent and strong, which helped in the end. I even pushed myself to run a bit harder for my last mile. I LOVE hills. I love the challenge and the tight chest as I climb up each hill. My body, really my legs, are meant for hills. I took each one with a smile and kept on going foward.

It always surprised me how much I remember this course by heart. The sights, the turns, the hills…all of it. It always comes back to me when I am running it.

I had to do a lot of self-talk, but this time I listened to myself. I didn’t say it and then do the opposite. While I always want to get as many kills (re: passing someone, not actualy killing anyone) as possible, I also don’t want to tire out my body. If I do this, then I’m running other people’s races. But sometimes, it’s a good motivator to move a little faster. That being said, my self talk went between run your race AND kill that runner right there.

I also tried not to let others distract me. I tried not to compare my run to theirs. I wanted to be mentally strong during my run, to be happy with my pace, myself, and my run.

In the end I was. I was happy I saw paces on my Garmin in the 8’s. I was happy that I felt strong toward the end and I could finish the race running hard and consitent, I didn’t feel any need to sprint at the end.

Mile 1 β€“ 8:54
Mile 2 β€“ 9:06
Mile 3  β€“ 9:16
Mile 4 β€“ 8:38
Mile 5 β€“ 0:24.1
Total Time β€“ 36:19
Total Distance β€“ 4.06 Miles
Average Pace β€“ 8:58 Min/Mile
Official Result – 36:15, 8th in Age Group

I finished and walked over to my ‘friend’ handing out waters. He gave me a bottle and his mom handed me my phone. I shared my thanks and then walked off to stretch and take a couple selfies. I could feel the hip and groin pain starting to set in. So, I decided to walk the course in reverse, until I ran into Lot and Eve. Once I found them, I took over pushing Eve so Lot could run at whatever pace she chose. As we turned the last corner, I gave Lot the jogger so she could finish the race with Eve. I met them at the other end of the shoot.

Neither of us had a lot of time to do much, but we both knew we HAD to celebrate National Bagel Day together. So, we essentially got into our respective cars and met at our spot, Noah’s Bagels down the street. It was crowded for obvious reasons, plus their promotion for the day. We grabbed a seat and ordered our carb goodness.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first race of 2019. One of my fave races with two of my fave gals, ending with my love for carbs. It doesn’t get much better than that!

And wouldn’t you know, Monday after the race Facchino Photography already had the FREE race photos available for us. And this is probably the FIRST time race photos of me have been shareable πŸ˜‰

Love should always be celebrated…with bagels!

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