Musings: International Women’s Day

I see you. I appreciate you. I value you.

Tell yourself this every damn day. Tell your daughters this. Tell your friends this. Tell your mother’s this. Tell EVERY woman in your life this. Especially, YOU men out there!

This day goes beyond my lady tribe, but I can’t write this post without shouting out my love for my unbiological sisters. This last year was hard, to say the least. My lady tribe stepped in and supported and loved me when I couldn’t even ask for it. They threw me a surprise break-up party to celebrate ME, they were available for me day and night, and they empowered me to persevere through emotional turmoil without judgment.

I am constantly reminded about how amazing my tribe is because we continue to make each other a priority. Whether it’s girls night or a big celebration, we make the effort with one another. We reap the emotional benefits of such a closeness that is a force to be reckoned with. I can only hope that all women have the opportunity to experience this type of support in their lives.

However, today also goes beyond just my lady tribe. I have ladies in my life who are beyond supportive in various ways. Soccer ladies, marketing ladies, blogging ladies, social media ladies, and a lot of other women I admire, near and far. These women impact on me daily, little by little, building me up and teaching me how to be a strong woman. Then, there are the women who I don’t know, but who are blazing trails for ALL woman in their wake. Speaking up. Taking a stand. Fighting the good fight. These women should be celebrated today, and every day.

I also can’t write this post without honoring the strong and bold women of my bloodline. My Mom, my sister, my grandma’s, my aunts (blood or by love), and my cousin’s who have also shown me how strong, brilliant, creative, and amazing women can be. I’ve learned a lot from these women, which I have more recently discovered. I am connecting the idea about who, where, and how I have come to form opinions, ideas, and judgments as I reflect on my childhood. These are the women who I spent many of my impressionable years around, and they have shown me how to important it is to believe in myself, dreams are meant to be accomplished, and I am not limited because I am a woman. AND I cannot also write this without honoring the men in my life who strongly support women, not just because we are their wives, daughters, and sisters. But because they understand that women deserve just as much as them, always.

Again, social media seems to have created a day that is socially celebrated, near and far. And most are random and silly, but THIS one is important and I love seeing my feed full of #InternationalWomensDay posts. Nike killed it this year with the release of their “Show them what crazy dreams can do” campaign. And Marvel dropping Captain Marvel today is also another great homage to this special day and a good marketing choice 😉

I will never understand why anyone, man or woman, would never want to empower their daughter. This seems crazy to me, but it is out there and it happens more than I care to acknowledge. I saw it firsthand and could do nothing to change it. All I could do is be a strong role model and let my actions speak louder than any words could. And that’s all we can do as women, sometimes. Let our character and intentions set the path for the world we desire.

I will continue to remind all the women in my life that their aspirations have no limitations. When women lift each other up, incredible things happen. Women who believe in each other can survive anything. I wholeheartedly believe this and feel as if my lady tribe has shown me this thorugh decades of friendship.

Cheers to the bold women that came before us, the strong women among us now, and to all the fierce women who will come after us!

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