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Musings: My First Disneyland Birthday

It only took me 36 years…

Thanks, parentals 😉 HAHA, JK, I’m totally kidding. I am so beyond blessed and spoiled by my parents, this is TOTALLY a joke! But, now I know why we generally didn’t go to Disneyland for my birthday.

March in Anaheim is sketchy. Like, are you going to dump buckets or are you going to be warm and sunny? The week before we left I was looking at the weather app each day, possibly multiple times a day. All I kept seeing was the rain emoji for Sunday and cloudy for Monday. Nothing I could do about it, except for plan my outfits accordingly.

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Months before, being the planner I am, I invited all my girls to join me on my birthday trip to Disneyland. In the end, Lil and Monique were the ones who would join me on this birthday adventure. It turned out exactly as it should have and it was an amazing time!

I always re-cap my travels, but instead, I wanted to try something different for this post. We bought the two-day one-park pass, which means we could get into one park (either) each day. This option was fiscally fit for us, instead of getting the park hopper passes. We booked a hotel for two nights to accommodate our tickets, even though I would have preferred to stay one more night. I wouldn’t be spending my actual birthday at either park, but it would be the days leading up to the special day.

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I’ve been struggling to figure out when my last trip to Disneyland was, but it seems as if it was FOREVER ago in 2015. That makes me so sad to know I went that far in between. But the only reason I generally don’t make it to Disneyland once a year is that I have other, bigger trips planned for the year. This year, I made it a priority, even though we have one, possibly two bigger trips already planned! Lucky me.

Three plus years of changes mean my birthday trip had a lot of NEW things to experience. Not all because of the three-year difference, but also because of the time of year and other random factors. Because my favorite number is five, I’m dropping five little tidbits for you!

Disney Goes Digital

Luckily, I have a fellow co-worker who is an ex-Disneyland employee. He is pretty Disney obsessed and walked me through a Disney download before I left. He also told me the tricks to win at Buzz Lightyear. He told me about the Disneyland app and how to use it for Fastpasses and Disney MaxPass for all your professional photos. This app is amazing and I feel bad for those who don’t know about this tech-savvy way to navigate both parks! $15 per day gives you access to digital fast passes AND all of your photos taken in the park. You can even sync up your app with your party and get everyone’s fast passes for them!

Restoration Season

Gloomy (and wet) weather and lower attendance rates mean January through April (taking a guess here) is when Disneyland takes the time to restore, upgrade, and facelift different rides and amusements at the parks. Thus, while there the freakin’ castle was closed AND our favorite ride, Space Mountain. Lil was NOT happy about this! But we still had a blast!

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Here for the Snacks

Why wouldn’t Disney fall victim to the social media wizardry of IG worthy foods and snacks? They even realize it is too lucrative to pass up. Disney has created an entire line of clothing, home goods, and accessories highlighting Disneyland’s most beloved snacks! How many different types and variations of churros can they offer? Answer: A LOT! They know what their visitors want — to buy snacks to post to social media. From celebratory macrons to faux donut cookies, they are making sure we, the paying guests, have it all. Not gonna lie, I was SO excited to be the FIRST person to buy the newest cookie, donuts Mickey-shaped, at CA Adventure. I know I’m the first because I went into the bakery right off the main entrance and was the first person to buy anything AND one of these, and they were released that morning. BOOM!

Ears for Days

I’ve you’ve read any of my previous posts about Disneyland, you know my rule is to buy a new pair of ears each day. That is pretty excessive, think $30 per pair these days, so I try to only buy one pair per day. But, oh my GOSH! Just like their snack game, they know those ears are IG’d just as much. Their character creations and color combos are off the charts cute. I had the hardest time deciding which ones to get. The gals convinced me I need the birthday ears to match my birthday shirt for Disneyland. I couldn’t deny myself the donut ears for our second day a CA Adventure, so I invested in those. I am such a sucker for this stuff and they know. Disney caters to the likes of people like me…oh and kids 😉

Adult Disneyland

Everyone should experience Disneyland as an adult. I don’t mean taking your kids while you’re an adult. I mean an all-adult trip. Enjoy the adventure leisurely, drink a cocktail if you’d prefer, and go about as you please. Even though we are ‘adults’ we still did all the rides in Fantasyland and Mickey’s Toontown. It was so awesome and relaxing to just wander around and do whatever we wanted. It also helps that I was with the two most relaxed humans alive. It was almost as if no one wanted to make decisions. Lucky for them, my Type A doesn’t mind

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Don’t worry, a Disneyland food post will be coming soon. I have too many thoughts and calories to burn to put it all in one post 😉

I can’t even begin to describe how happy and full my heart was during these two days. Yes, we were running around all day. Yes, we walked about sixteen miles in two days. Yes, we had to leave the park early to catch a flight. Yes, our original flight was delayed for four hours.

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But, happy is happy. And that is exactly what it was, a happy birthday Disney adventure. This trip really reminded me how much I love this place, despite the big price tag for Disney related fun. It’s worth the investment and I cannot wait to go back soon.

Everyone should expereince a Disneyland birthday ONCE in their life.

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