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Diary of a Non-Cook: Bacon Wrapped Dates

It’s all in the name…

Bacon wrapped dates, appetizer, Easter

Although the name literally tells you exactly what to do, I was still interested to see how a Book Club (BC) friend made these. I’ve had them before, but at the BC I hosted, Lynsi brought these and I’m pretty sure I ate about ten of them. She mentioned she brought them because they were Whole 30 approved. I didn’t really care about that, I just loved how delicious they were.

Bacon around anything is pretty damn delicious.

So, when I was assigned an appetizer for Easter, I knew I wanted to make these. I say ‘make’ very loosely, because it is more like curating them. You don’t have to do too much to execute these delicious little nuggets.

Lynsi emailed me the recipe, which you can find here. From BC, I remembered our conversation about them too, she sourced her ingredients from Costco — bacon and dates. Costco has a resealable bag of dates for $7.99. I was so excited to find they already had the pits removed too. And they were Organic, which generally I don’t care, but it was a cool bonus. I also used 1lb of bacon from Costco. Poppa Bear gave it to me, so I didn’t have to buy any. I ran to my local Nugget and grabbed some goat cheese. Earlier in the week, I was at the Co-op, so I grabbed almonds from the bulk bins section.

Bacon wrapped date ingredients, Costco, Nugget

I wanted to offer a variety of options, which is why I bought goat cheese and almonds. I made plain ones with nothing inside the date. Then I stuffed about one-third of them with one almond and the last third were made with goat cheese in the dates.

I had NO clue how I was going to put the goat cheese in the dates. In a perfect world, each date is perfectly de-pitted and has a perfect hole to fill, BUT life is not perfect. Each date was different and I don’t have the correct kitchen accessory to fill things such as dates with goat cheese. So, I cut the dates open and added the goat cheese inside, which worked out perfectly. I bought the goat cheese that I thought would be helpful in the stuffing process, but honestly, nothing was going to make it easy. Well, maybe a syringe would have. Cutting was the perfect route and it worked out great.

I also quickly realized that one pound of bacon was not enough. Serves me right for not reading the recipe, which calls for two lbs. Even after cutting each slice in half, I still had tons of leftover dates, goat cheese, and almonds. Since it was Easter and about two hours before I was supposed to leave, I just made what I could.

Why is Target closed on Easter? Totally unrelated to this post and recipe. HAHA. I waited until the last possible minute to find Easter candy for Lovebugs, which is why I mentioned this. While at Nugget I looked for something for the Lovebugs but didn’t find anything I wanted to get. Anywho, I digress.

If you enjoy curating versus cooking, then this is literally the easiest appetizer you can curate for an event or party. I know I blogged about another appetizer being the easiest, but this trumps that one, hands down!

Bacon wrapped dates
Awful pic becuase I forgot to snap one of the final product.

The best part is that they are really good. All three options are tasty. The ease factor is just icing on the cake. The recipe says to turn them halfway through baking, but I didn’t. I did obsessively check on them, and by obsessive I mean three different times within 18 minutes. Since our oven flips to convection mode, I always get worried I’ll overcook something because of the change in oven temp.

Overall, they came out lovely and tasty. This is all I can ask for when it comes to my Diary of a Non-cook adventures.

Just a girl looking to curate over cook.

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