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Race Recap: Sacramento Giant Race, 5k

Same race, same sissy’s, different year.

I’ve been putting off writing this recap because honestly, it’s going to be basically the same as the ones I’ve written before 2018, 2017, and 2016. Well, besides the inaugural race (2016), they are pretty much the same. This year they updated the course slightly, which I’ll go over later. Other than that, it was business as usual for our hometown race under the Giants race series. Oh, one thing to note is that after three years they finally updated the race title to fit within the Giant race series a little more cohesively. It is no longer called the Riverfront race.

I guess you already guessed we aren’t going for all four races in the Giants race series this year. It’s way too expensive for medals that sit in a box and miles that, at times, feel forced. The virtual races just aren’t that fun. This year we decided to stick with our local race and the exciting 10th anniversary for the BIG race in the City! Other than that, AZ and SJ have/are going on without our presence this year. Not to mention, now they have a 100-mile challenge for another $60. Sounds like a good idea in theory, but I want nothing to do with logging that mileage before September. Hard pass.

Back to business. The packet pickup was at Raley Field again. Same fun and decorative setup as last year. It really is a fun to pickup your packet with a stadium as the backdrop. Also, the weather was playing nice and was gorgeous. A nice volunteer even stopped what she was doing to snap a few pics of me with my bib.

Oh, the bibs. When I saw the two numbers they were giving me, I knew it was either going to be good or bad. 777. 7 is Lil’s favorite number, so I really hoped it was her bib. As I turned it over, guess who’s it was? Of course, mine. I asked if they could change it and they said it would be a hassle. So, I took it, bummed out for Lil.

Of course, I snapped a quick flat runner pic for the Gram and this recap. However, I wasn’t really into this race. Surprise, surprise. I had just gotten home from eight days in New York, which were beautifully chaotic. I needed to rest, but life just wasn’t planned out that way.

We received an email that the course was changed slightly. Apparently, they changed the end of the course. What I visibly noticed was that we entered on the opposite side of the back end of the stadium and I don’t remember doing a little u-turn on the yellow bridge. Maybe I am forgetting the course from last year (as to be expected, I was in breakup haze).

It’s a race, so you know I carb loaded. HAHA. I love using ‘races’ as a reason to indulge in carbs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a reason to eat carbs, it just sounds better as part of the story. But since Poppa bear’s birthday was on race day and he was leaving for a trip, we celebrated his birthday Eve. I fully indulged in the most delicious, carb-laden pizookie! Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal draped over a sugar cookie and ice cream. Wait, who’s birthday was it really?

Keeping consisten with the carb routine, I still woke up and had some coffee and a slice of toast. This has been my everyday go-to breakfast for awhile now, so I almost crave the toast when I wake up. I even used my new Sbux NY Reserve cup, felt appropriate to break it in for the run!

I made it a point to try to be a little earlier this year, but living so close I didn’t time it right. It took a little longer than I anticipated. We definitely got there in time, but before we could snap my required pre-race photo we had to partake in the National Anthem. Then Lil snapped my pic real quick. Then we were walking to the side and decided to snap a selfie, but we didn’t know the wheeler’s had started. They heckled us, for good reason. I felt bad, I didn’t realize they started so quickly as we turned our backs.

They’ve gotten really smart about how they set-up the start line. So, we had to get smarter. We used their speaker equipment boxes to assist us in jumping over the blockade. We weren’t going to wait so far back since most of Sacramento don’t know how to properly do a fun run or run. Walkers wait at the very damn front of races and make it a hot mess. So, we did the frowned upon thing and find our way to the front-ish, in any manner necessary.

I was so distracted by jumping the blockade, taking a sissy selfie, and starting the run I forgot to set-up my Garmin. So as the race started and we were walking, I was willing it to find signal before I hit the start mat. But as I was getting to the mat, I saw the Rivercat’s mascot and decided to snag a selfie. At the very last second, he realized what I was doing and I got a cute pic. But I also apparently forgot how my watch works and I could have started it, but this wasn’t registering in my head as I looked at the face.

Eventually, I started it. So my timing and pace are off, but it doesn’t matter since I am only doing these runs for FUN!

Most strides hurt, until mile two. I felt every day of my New York trip (and not working out) and my first Midtown workout the night before the race. Every stride felt stiff and uneasy, but our conversation and sissy time relaxed me. It also didn’t help that I was choking on my phlegm because of my allergies + asthma, but this has been an issue for a handful of months. Its just remembering that this is my life and I have to manage my expectations.

As we started running alongside the water near the Barn my body started to relax into the movement. The breathing was still an issue, but my legs were fluid. As we looped around the barn and headed back toward the stadium, I told Lil I couldn’t talk anymore. I had to focus on breathing because I really needed to blow my nose. She laughed and said okay. So we finished in peace and I didn’t die 😉

As we got near the stadium, this is really where I noticed the course change, with the exception of the yellow bridge u-turn. Instead of running around the outside of the stadium, front or back (we’ve done both), we run straight through the nearside the back of the stadium. And instead of running toward left field warning track, we loop the opposite way and run toward right field to end the race. No significant changes, but noticeable for sure. I was glad to be done, but I knew I’d feel it for the rest of the day.

Mile 1 – 9:25.54
Mile 2 – 9:21.36
Mile 3  – 9:04.42
Total Time – 24:51.3
Total Distance – 2.98 Miles
Average Pace –  9:22 Min/Mile
Official Result – 28:31, 17th in Age Group, 50th Female

To be completely honest, I thought this race might bring up some of the messy middle stuff because it is basically a year from the break-up. But it didn’t really. I thought about it a bit, but then the thoughts disapated, as they pretty much have been the last few months. Where I’d used to dwell and maybe stew, I come up, I let it happen and then I only feel gratitude. I’m so grateful it’s over and he’s stayed away and left me alone to heal and find happiness within myself again. Its the best gift he’s ever given me and he didn’t even have to spend a dime!

That being said, I was a little physically and mentally off my running game. As we took a few selfies and solo shots, I looked up into the stands and saw a neighbor friend who was boldly rocking her A’s jacket! She snapped a pic and we walked to grab our medals and waters. Then we took more pics, of course.

Pics on pics on pics. Isn’t that why we run these days? As we took our last pic, we then hauled our tired asses up the stairs to the finish area. We grabbed the post-race snacks that looked good and skipped the ones that did not. We looked for the kombucha sponsor, but couldn’t find them. We also skipped all the outfield, postrace fun and pic opportunities too. We saw our neighbor friends and chatted with them for a bit.

We then ran through the dugout store real quick, then headed to spoil Poppa bear for breakfast, since it was his birthday. Breakfast burriots were the request, so we had to make them happen and visit him before he left on his birthday trip.

I don’t want to say these races almost feel like a chore, but I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t partially admit this to you. I’m always down to sign up for these, but something always coincides with the race dates as the months move along. But, we love our Gmen, so we will continue to support this race series…especially when it’s in my backyard.

Always and forever, running in Orange && Black is my fave!

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