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Musings: It’s Just the World Cup

Yes, I left out ‘Women’s’ on purpose.

Just like I overheard this random dude say, “Why do they even call it the Women’s World Cup? It should just be the World Cup. Women are playing, but it’s still a World Cup.”

At that moment, I almost wanted to hug, high-five, and kiss him all at once. I mean, I didn’t…but to hear a random man say that was so refreshing. Sadly, many of my male friends seem to think it is okay to degrade women’s sports. I know, I need better male friends. And of course, it pisses me off! I will forever and ever loudly support women’s sports, women’s rights, and all women’s issues. I will also support and champion mental health, especially for Men.

Okay, rant over/

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But in all seriousness. I. Am. Here. For. It.

Each and every game the US Women’s National team plays and almost all of the WC games! We are now in the knock out stages, which means less but exponentially more intense games.

I love this beautiful freakin’ sport.

Our US women bring IT! Unlike our men. And it is and has always been so exciting to watch them. These women leave it out on the pitch each and every single game, battling for their country and themselves as women, each and every game.

One of the greatest the game has ever seen, Marta of Brazil, shared some very passionate words for all young women who play soccer:

” It’s wanting more. It’s training more. It’s taking care of yourself more. It’s ready to play 90 plus 30 minutes. This is what I ask of the girls. There’s not going to be a Formiga forever. There’s not going to be a Marta forever. There’s not going to be a Cristiane. The women’s game depends on you to survive. So think about that. Value it more. Cry in the beginning so you can smile in the end.”

Although Marta has never lead her team to a World Cup title, she has helped shape the game for women. She is unapologetic in how she plays and even sported some very unusual lipstick for her last match of this World Cup. Even those asshole male friends of mine know who Marta is, even if they don’t seem to respect her. They know who she is, AND that is important. Important for the game and for women’s sports.

So, thank you for what you’ve done and continue to do, Marta!

The US women ground out a win against Spain, but it wasn’t pretty. It does seem like we were afforded penalty’s a little easier than other countries. I don’t think anyone could argue against that. But this is NOT to downplay how hard Spain has been playing. I’ve said this from their first game, but the US women seem to take about 15 minutes to settle. They start erratic and seem off, then they settle into the game. Not a big deal, but just an observation that was really highlighted in the Spain game.

We are on to the round of Elite Eight next, against the host country, France. I cannot wait to see how well our women grind out that game. I absolutely love what the US Captain, Megan Rapinoe, said about their upcoming game against France:

“…I hope it’s huge and crazy, that’s what it should be. This is the best game…So I hope its just a total shitshow ciricus. It’s going to be totally awesome…”

It’s so refreshing to watch women be so strong, on and off the field. It truly warms my heart to see so many young girls and boys who genuinely admire these women for the heart and soul they pour into their job representing our country on the world’s stage (unlike our men, ahem)! It’s such a wonderful feeling for young girls to see the strength these women unapologetically possess and show the world every time they step on the pitch.

I don’t know what the outcome of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 will bring for the US, but I’ll put my money on another trophy for us.

On July 8 the WC blues will set in and I’m not ready for it…

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