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Race Recap(ish): The Big Run, 5k – Global Running Day 2019

I don’t run, but I do ‘The BIG Run!’

The girl can stop running, but you can’t take the running out of the girl. For longer than I can remember, running has been a part of my life. These days, it is less and less, which I’m completely okay with. I recently noticed that my dedication to running really just transferred to my Midtown time.

Not sure why, but this day is just something I enjoy supporting and being a part of, even though I have no desire to log miles daily. I enjoy running about once every other month, then I do it, then I don’t enjoy it. HAHA!

I just truly enjoy being on the peripheral of the running community. And by that, I mean supporting and connecting with fellow runners on social, but not actually running. This community has always been such a welcoming and supportive community, that it’s hard to let go of. I’ve made some pretty cool friends through the sport of running. If you told me that back in 2008 when I signed up for my first half marathon, I would have looked at you sideways. Now, over a decade later, I’ve created and continued friendships solely based on running.

I miss it. I miss the camaraderie and the training plans, but I also don’t like starting over again. I know I’d need to put in the actual work to get where I know I could be, but when I start, nothing feels good about it. My Ego takes a hit and my body doesn’t seem to like it either.

So here I am, just running to run on Global Running Day.

Do you remember how in the past, doing things solo was kinda hard for me? Well, I think I’ve ditched that mentality and I do the things, solo. Not everything, but it comes easier these days and I don’t hesitate to make the decision to do things solo too. That being said, I knew I’d see familiar faces at the run, but I wasn’t going to let it determine if I’d lace up and run (re job) it myself.

I did reach out to one friend about it since I 99% knew she’d be there. Turns out she double booked herself and couldn’t run the 5k, but was possibly going to come to hang out. That works for me, even if she didn’t come, I knew I would run. I decided to forgo Midtown for the day and get my 5k on.

I couldn’t find my Garmin that morning, which annoyed the hell out of me. There wasn’t much I could do, so I let it go…for the most part. I also didn’t want to bring my running belt to hold my big ‘ol iPhone either, so I literally ran to run. I know, do people even do that these days?

I assumed this race would be as big as last year and anticipated parking being crazy, but it was not. They were very organized in the parking situation and what I learned, post-run was that the Fleet Feet in Elk Grove also hosted a Big Run too. So, the attendance numbers weren’t as high as last year. The set-up looked almost identical, minus the large ice cream truck missing this year. However, instead, they had a full High School band there rockin’ out.

I did register for the race via Eventbrite, so I grabbed a bib like a good runner. Then I, along with most others, found some slight comfort in the shade near the skate park. It happened to be one of Sacramento’s hottest days to date and it was pretty excruciating. I stretched and chilled until it was almost time to start the run. I had decided I was not carrying my iPhone in my hand and needed to find a safe place for it. Like Valentine’s Day run, I was going to try to entrust it to someone or at least hide it near the race start/finish. I decided to ask one of the Fleet Feet staff, who kindly hit it under one of the tables for me. Problem solved.

I lined up with the masses and we were off. I didn’t even see what time I ran through the start. I just started running, comfortably. I always forget how rough the rocks are on my feet, until about 2.75 miles in and I get to run on the newly laid asphalt.

It was HOT. Like, really, really hot. So I just ran at a comfortable pace. I passed people, people passed me. At the switchback, I stopped and grabbed some water. Initially, I wasn’t going too, but the smarter version of myself told me to stop and just enjoy a sip. That of which I did. Then I headed down the levee and ran back to the start.

It was so peaceful, despite the scorching heat. I enjoyed the run, besides my new non-running sunglasses falling down my nose every few seconds. Otherwise, I ran steady and fairly strong. Once my feet hit the pavement, it felt like I was running on clouds again. The end, as usual, is a slow grade up-hill which is always fun. They had an announcer trying to hype finishers up, so to oblige her I raised my hands as I finished.

I was glad to be done. I saw the friend that had mentioned she might show up so I basically hung out with her the rest of the evening. I first, grabbed water, then ran to my car to retrieve my Vega Recovery drink. I debated and eventually decided to wait in line for the free Gunther’s ice cream, but grabbed the raspberry gelato instead. It was so good and the fresh waffle cone treat was on point too.

We chatted with her friend and meandered for a bit and then decided to grab dinner. After bouncing a few suggestions back and forth, we decided to try a new to both of us spots – Supreme Being Pizza.

Although this isn’t running related, their ranch is LEGIT! They use creme fraiche and it is for sure a game changer. They charge 50 cents for their ranch, but it is worth every quarter you have to scrounge in your purse. Seriously, go here just to try their housemade ranch, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I appreciate a day dedicated to something I don’t do often. It is a great reminder of the role it has and does play in my life. I think I’ll always be a ‘runner’ to many in my life, even though I barely race or run these days. And to be honest, I’m okay with that, even though it feels light weight fraudulent. But I love this community and being around them, so I will continue to do so…when I please.

Running and pizza, pretty much the perfect Wednesday!

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