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Musings: Adult On-Set Allergies SUCK

My biggest regret is asking my doctor to do a food allergy blood test.

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Kidding, kinda, but not really :/ My skin was breaking out extremely bad, but it wasn’t zits. It was colorless bumps, but not uniform in size or texture. I know I’m blowing it out of proportion, but it did not make me feel good, nor boost my confidence. It took a couple of times happening over a few years, to finally ask my doctor about it.

I kept trying to put a timeline to it, but since it happened so infrequently I couldn’t quite put a reason too it. I honestly thought I was allergic to crab! I still think part of it was emotional, but after the blood work came back I couldn’t deny I had a handful of newfound adult on-set allergies.

Japanese Milk Bread, Sesame Seeds, Shangri-La, Fair Oaks, CA

I’m allergic, but not deathly allergic to hazelnuts, shrimp, almonds, wheat, and sesame seeds. I think there were one or two more items on the list, but really the first two crushed my soul.

No more Nutella. No more shrimp anything!

My reactions to my allergies come in various ways. The bumps on my face are one way I react. Another is my face, chin specifically, gets really itchy, without any bumps or outward appearance change. I also get a really scratchy throat sometimes. And I’ve known for a while I do not process almonds very well, so I also get a stomach ache.

But one out of 4 adults with a food allergy reported getting their first allergy in adulthood. – WebMD

I’ve been really intrigued by adult on-set allergies and of course, the interwebs comes through with some good information for me. I found a recentish article via WebMD from April 21019, Adult-Onset Food Allergies Increasing, Confusing. Also, very recently my Mom has come across TWO Sacramento Bee articles about the rise in sesame allergies among adults. So random, but so fitting!

None of my new allergies are super scary, which I’m super grateful for. No epi-pen needed for me. I obviously asked my Dr if I could eat anything on the list and she said I could, but she said you should stay away from them if possible. No point in testing out the allergy.

Now, when I feel the reactions I always wonder if what I ate contained something I’m allergic too or if it is a new allergy. I did NOT realize how many things were made with sesame. Let’s not even talk about how during our recent Hawaii trip left me the lone ranger unable to eat the North Shore delicacy of Giovanni’s garlic shrimp! I was legit mad that I couldn’t eat it so I sat and ate chips, staring begrudgingly at my family. Super mature, I know…

This also spurred my decision to head to the good ‘ol allergist again. I’ve put off allergy shots since college. Even though I know how amazing they are, I didn’t want to spend the time or money. But lately, my allergies have been killing me. So, I finally bit the bullet and decided to make an appointment…only to be told I have to wait three months for a new patient appointment. Lucky me!

My nose has done more running this year than I have!

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