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Musings: OOO Every Thursday

Something needed to change…

…and it was on me. I feel a little fraudulent. I tend to share a lot of self-love, growth, and healing posts on social media and even here on the blog. But YET AGAIN, I find myself not listening to my own body.

10 amazing days in Hawaii, followed by a non-stop schedule when I touched down at home. All (kinda) came to a halt when my body decided to remind my mind to STOP. Slow down and stop going so fast. Be by yourself, be still.

It isn’t until my body starts to shut down, do I slow down. I know this, yet I don’t practice it. I tout it, but I don’t truly live it. And that STOPS NOW! As I sit here at about 85% after a two-week sickness, I have decided I will enforce at least ONE rest day. No working out, possibly no post-work activities too. I’ve written a handful of posts, here and on social, about this, YET I never listen to my advice. The guilt of resting is so bizarre. I guess I’m not supposed to understand it and just live it, as with many things in life.

I am here, holding myself accountable to myself by setting an August goal – every Thursday will be a rest day, at minimum. So far, I’m 1 for 1, about to be 2 for 2. A caveat, I’ll be flexible with changing it if I have plans during the week, but I MUST take one rest day within seven days. Mostly writing this for my clarity, no one else. HAHA! I also plan to practice saying no to social activities and also looking to fill my schedule with things to do, which is also a bad habit. And hopefully, save me some money too.

Do you find it hard to listen to your body? Do you wait too long, like I, and then your body has to force you to slow down? If no, then pls share your wisdom. If yes, let’s work together to support the idea of rest.

I wish I could master this. I know I’m the only one who can and must. It’s just hard. The fear of falling off my schedule and gaining weight is a real, true fear. Irrational, probably. But still a fear, nonetheless.

I also realized, or remembered, I internalize stress and rarely show it outwardly. An impending move with uncertainty and a new project at work have also weighed heavily on my mind. I realized that my lack of quality sleep was another factor in my body showing me to slow down, while also highlighting how I internalize stress. Honestly, stress doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, I have a hard time figuring out how to NOT internalize it. It manifested in my skin through a breakout. However, I’m slightly unsure if it was my adult-onset allergies or stress. Looking back, I’m thinking the latter. I know everything works out, but the internal churning of anxiety does not stop, even when I know it should chill.

The funny thing is, as I’ve been practicing (okay, technically only once so far) taking Thursday’s off, I’ve been asked about it. Even my coach was like why aren’t you coming in tomorrow? I said it was my rest day and he told me to at least walk. I told him I am trying a new approach and truly investing in a traditional rest day, however, every ounce of my being would love to go for a walk or a run as a ‘rest’ day! He was totally on board for this, but it was funny to see, even he, has a hard time wrapping his brain around a true rest day. See, I’m not the only one 😉 I set this goal with an intention to honor it, so I am going to enjoy today, my Thursday off!

Resting isn’t a weakness, there is strength in listening to your body.

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