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Musings: To SHEIN or Not SHEIN

I’m sketch on companies that sell clothes on Facebook.

But their continual advertisements had me finally questioning myself. Then led me to question friends and coworkers about SHEIN. In all the consensus was its a ‘mixed bag!” Also, I have to give credit to my co-worker, Rebecca, who really sealed the deal for me. She walked me through one of her past orders and told me what she did and did not like about each item.

I even went to FB to crowdsource some info about the company, but again, just like Rebecca said, everyone agreed to the ‘mixed bag’ notion.

So, I was waiting until I wore all the things I ordered to confirm (or deny) this consensus. And, you know what?! Everyone was RIGHT! I can’t lean one way or another; it was right down the middle.

I wasn’t upset with anything, AND I wasn’t super excited about anything either. I did enjoy the price point. But, one also has to realize that you get what you pay for. If you live by that golden rule when ordering on SHEIN, then you should be okay.

Be okay with willing to take a financial loss on some times, but gain on other items.

Tips for shopping on SHEIN:

  • Look at the reviews
  • Look at the photos with the reviews
  • Look at all the photos provided for texture & fabric
  • Sign up for their emails for all the discount and free shipping codes

I thought it would be fun to share the website images SHEIN shares versus what I looked like in each item I purchased. To be completely fair, I haven’t worn one of the bathing suits yet, so I don’t have a comparison image for y’all. And I’ve worn the black top twice, but keep forgetting to take a pic, because I wear it to work. And the last item not pictured is the swimsuit I bought for Lil, which she didn’t end up liking because the bottoms were high waisted and the website image did not appear as such.

SHEIN Website Images vs Real Life

Tie Back Ruffle Strap Skater Dress – I was a little sketch on the material for the Summer weather. This material does not lend itself well to sweating, but I dealt with it at this VERY hot event in Napa. It’s a little shorter than I prefer, but I love the dress. The tie in the back is hard to keep tight, but that was expected.

Criss Cross Top With Marble Print Bikini Set – Super comfy, but the bottoms were a little more high-waisted than I had anticipated in the picture. And the cups in the bathing suits SUCK. They are small, little hockey pucks that look weird under the suit fabric. Replace with others immediately!

Striped Cami Dress – The material is cheap, but the fit was awesome. I ironed it for the event and then it clung to me. I was worried it was seethrough, but it worked out. Again, it is super cheap material, but I got plenty of compliments on it 🙂

Watermelon Print Knot Front Bikini Set – This is the exact reason I came to shop on this website! I’ve always wanted a watermelon bathing suit. And I decided to try out SHEIN because they sold this one. The bottoms were a little less forgiving than the other suit, but I wore it anyway. I also wanted a more red top, but this was all they had at the time. Again the cups were awkward, but I just went with it. It was great for SUPing in Hawaii!

Other Items I Ordered:

Criss Cross Tie Back Top With Tropical Bikini – Again, the cups were super weird, especially with this one. But I do like it, I just haven’t worn it yet. The tying top looks really confusing and I haven’t felt the need to confuse myself for the beach 😉

Cutout Neck Scalloped Armhole Shell Top – I should have ordered this in a larger size. It fits, but it is tighter than I’d prefer. This is really cheap material and made overall, strings everywhere. Not awful, but not quality.

Overall, the mixed bag that is SHEIN is like Forever 21 — you get what you pay for. If you are cool with that, then give them a shot.

I’m fairly adventurous and not that picky about the clothing I buy, so it worked out okay for me. If something wasn’t that great, I didn’t take the loss that hard. I wasn’t the happiest with the black scallop top or the striped dress, but it was just the learning curve for future orders. And you know I wore them regardless, cause trying to return or re-sell them was not an option (re: lazy).

I haven’t placed a second order, but I have six things in my cart that I would like to purchase. I may or may not pull the trigger…I haven’t decided yet.

SHEIN really should be called Mixed Bag!

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