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Musings: A Love Letter to Our Skipper

I was not ready to write this before Sunday.

I don’t think I’m still equipped to write this right now.

Sunday I was full of emotions, coupled with possibly the worst hangover of 2019 too. Thus, made me an emotional mess to watch as Bruce Bochy commandeered his final SF Giants game E V E R!

So, here I am, still sad with chills, going to say what I need to say to Boch.

Dear Bochy,

Congratulations on your retirement. I wish I could be mad that you are leaving us, but honestly, you deserve this retirement and time spent resting with loved ones and enjoying the next chapter of your life. You’ve kept your health complications fairly quiet, but we all know it is something that is part of this equation. And for that, we wish you time to rest and enjoy this time in your life.

You have done so many amazing things for the SF Giants, the city of San Francisco (and surrounding areas), the players, the fans, and the sport. These things are hard to verbalize, today or any day. Three World Series championships in five years. Just to point out one. With all the torture came a revitalized love for our beloved men in orange and black.

Thank you for creating moments that my family (and hundreds of others) will never forget. Our days and evenings at the Yard with you in the dugout will be memories none of us will ever forget. From the wins to the losses, our faith in you never wavered. We may have been upset, can you blame us, but we’ve always respected and appreciated it was you managing our team. We are beyond lucky to have had you as our leader for as long as we did. We hope your predecessor is half as good as you, that would still be amazing.

Your legacy will be everlasting, so it isn’t as if you’re leaving us. I am so grateful for the experiences you’ve masterminded as our Skipper. You literally are our very own baseball genius who gave us 13 long years of your career. You are and will be #ForeverGiant in all of our hearts.

This game and San Francisco are forever better for having you as our Skipper. While it hurts to say goodbye, it feels better knowing we’ve experienced what you did for us all these years.

See you in Cooperstown,
A Girly Tomboy

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