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Musings: October Reset

Fall has me in my feels.

Well, I think it’s a bunch of life things happening, but I have an overwhelming sense that I need a reset of sorts. I need to start fresh if you will.

Fall recently arrived, but the Sacramento weather has taken an unexpected chilly turn. I’m used to October still hovering in the 80s for a couple of weeks, but we are now in the brisk 60s.

This weather change has coincided with some life changes. Not even big or anything I want to detail out here, but just change. Change happens all the time, but sometimes its more impactful than we realize.

It felt like a good time to come home, to myself. To align me, my priorities, and my soul again. Sometimes, you just gotta do it.

So, I’ve dedicated myself to self-care for October. What does that look like you ask? Here are the guidelines I’ve written down for myself to hold me accountable:

  • No fast food
  • No chips
  • No fries
  • No soda
  • Limit alcohol
  • Limit sweets
  • Try to meditate more
  • Try to pray more
  • Try to journal more
  • Turn all social media to private
  • Less screen time overall

I don’t want you to think that for my overall self-care I have to cut things out of my life. That is not the effect I’m going for here. Overall, I have not been making healthy food choices, so I wanted to reel that in. I also experienced the worst hangover recently, so that’s why I decided to ease it off the booze. The things I want to do more of are things I know are good for my mental health, I just don’t do them as often as I would prefer I do. And we all know less screen time is good for everyone. I see a strong connection to disconnecting from my screens to be more present.

I know why I’m feeling this way and I’m trying to make healthy choices to focus on self-care for the next 31 days. I am also holding space for less judgment of myself. This is harder than no chips or fries for 31 days. I literally had to remind myself that I cannot judge myself for feeling whatever feeling I am going through. Judging myself blocks me from feeling the feeling and moving forward. It stunts my emotional growth and in turn, I just try to deflect and not heal. Self-talk has really helped, but I think all of my self-care will help too.

My co-worker also just sent out a challenge for us, which I’m not sure I want to take. Add all this, plus a physical challenge? Seems daunting. The challenge is essentially what they are calling a tech triathlon, where we complete the full Ironman distance over the next 31 days. 26.2 miles running, 112 miles on a bike, and 1,500 repetitions of a movement to replace the swimming. I feel overwhelmed by this challenge, but I think I need to accept it as part of my self-care plan for October.

Things don’t seem to be going my way lately and I feel like accepting any challenges is something I should do to take me out of my comfort zone. Is this healthy? Is this normal? I have no clue, but I am here trying. Trying to understand me a little more and also grow into the best version of myself.

Self-care is great, but what works for you may not work for me. I hold no judgment for what self-care looks like for anyone else. I know I’m working through whatever is going on within me at the moment. And right now this version of self-care feels right.

Cheers to little shifts for a brighter outcome.

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