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Musings: 2010s, A Colorful Decade

Not your average end of the year post.

I honestly didn’t even think that as 2020 approaches, not only are we ending 2019, but we are ending a decade. Funny how life works out that way.

As I sat here thinking about the last ten years, I was trying to think of the highlights, which proved a little difficult…

Off the cuff, I came up with the following:

  • 2010 – Traveled solo for the first time (Kauai)
  • 2011 – Completely hiked Half Dome for the first time
  • 2012 – The SF Giants won the World Series
  • 2012 – Started my career at Blue Diamond Growers
  • 2013 – I started blogging
  • 2013 – Started at Midtown Strength & Conditioning
  • 2013 – I ran my FIRST marathon
  • 2014 – I ran my SECOND marathon (more like walked)
  • 2014 – I fell in love and cohabited for the FIRST time ever
  • 2014 – The SF Giants won the World Series
  • 2017 – The most humbling career experience with a State of CA job
  • 2018 – Started my career at VSP
  • 2018 – My heart was broken in the best way possible
  • 2018 – I started therapy
  • 2018 – I went to Italy with my family
  • 2019 – Largest family vacation (North Shore)
  • 2019 – I lived by myself for the FIRST time ever

These don’t even account for all the other big milestones that have occurred for myself AND the people I love and care most about:

  • Marriages
  • Lovebugs being born
  • Retirements
  • Graduations
  • New careers
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Sporting events

A Few Moments Through the 2010s

Therapy has truly helped me see things, events, and memories differently. Instead of holding resentment or being upset at people or stories I’ve told myself, I hold more grace, acceptance, and forgiveness for all of the above. There are plenty of people who have stuck with me through this decade and will be there for the next one too. But to those who have not, I’m eternally grateful for the time they were in my life and the lessons that came with them. Some harder than others, some longer than others — but in all the various types of relationships I’ve learned something about myself from their time in my life.

Looking back at the last ten years was really a great exercise for me. To see how I and those in my life have evolved has been really beautiful. I see so much growth, between hurt and sadness, something good always comes from each moment, each event, and each memory.

Blogging has been such a blessing too. I can easily go back and see who I was and how much I’ve grown as a creative, but also as a person. I don’t ever expect life to be perfect and only full of sunshine and roses, but it is important to know that’s what is mostly shown through social media. I am able to share the darker moments and thoughts here via the blog, which I am eternally grateful for. The written word comes so much easier to me, versus a conversation. It’s something I’m working on, because vulnerability, in the being raw and honest to someone’s face, is extremely important to me as I evolve to be the best version of myself.

You essentially have TWO WEEKS left in this decade. I hope you find the time to reflect on what the last ten years brought you and their importance. It’s a great exercise, but it also helps bring you to the present and see where you’ve grown and how you can improve.

Wishing you the best as you finish 2019 and we move to the next decade of highs and lows with all the things in between.

2020 is lookin’ great…

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