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Race Recap: lululemon San Diego 10k

Only lululemon could get me on a plane to run a 10k.

So pardon the delay on this race recap, but I’m glad I’m getting to it before the year ends. 2019 was supposed to ONLY be the Giant Race series, but once I received the email about this race, I knew I had to at least think about it. It definitely prompted a text to my running friend, Tara.

Actually, I threw the idea of running the race as a girl’s trip to a couple of people. In the end, it was Tara and I who would make it a girl’s weekend, which was totally great for me. We’d never traveled together, but I wasn’t worried about that at all. To be honest, I let my type-A relax and let Tara do all the planning. Also, because she is part of the running cool kid’s group and an ambassador for a few brands, I knew she’d have a fun crew for us to join. So, I let her do it all. I just showed up for the flight and let her tell me where and when to be.

We flew in on Friday afternoon so we could make a long weekend out of the race. Once we landed and grabbed our luggage we took a Lyft straight to the lululemon Westfield UTC. This outdoor mall is huge, but also NOT the best idea for packet pick up. The cool thing about this race was they offered a one use 25% discount for runners. But, since my budget is tight these days, I didn’t have any extra to buy anything. This literally broke my heart. However, my discretion on spending was smart, because two weeks later my card would need serious financial attention :/

Luckily, for us, there was no line for bibs and barely a line to purchase. There were tons of people in the store, which made navigating our luggage kinda hard. The DJ was on point though. I never took a photo of the race shirt or goodie bag goodies, because I wasn’t wearing it. Total race recap FAIL!

You know, I never once looked at the 10k race course map until right now as I’m writing this recap. I’ve only done one other race here, the Rock-n-Roll San Diego half marathon and I figured we weren’t running that route. Probably would have been smart to look at the course, but I knew I was running it no matter what, so who cares…

Saturday night we partook in the We Run Social meet up at Basic Bar & Pizza. There were a handful of Instagram runners who I follow, all of which I’d never met. Also, I got to meet a handful of Tara’s good running friends. Everyone was extremely nice and Brooks was kind enough to sponsor all the pre-race carbs!

After, we stopped off at the CVS by our hotel to grab some stuff to eat before the race. I usually don’t buy any canned coffee because it has some type of milk product, but I found one that didn’t. I need to buy this more often, it was soo good!

And of course, I had to get a flat runner pic. Mind you, I’ve never been part of cool kids running crew, so I wore what everyone else was wearing. All the lulu of course!

Race Day

7 AM race starts are so mean 😉 But necessary…I get it. We were up around 5 AM to get our breakfast in and poop of course. I actually really enjoyed my CVS breakfast and need to remember it for any other race-cation I may take.

We decided to Lyft to the start line, since the shuttles weren’t stopping by our hotel. It was a mini fiasco since the first Lyft driver canceled on us. Then, finally, another driver picked us up. He was hilarious and drove like a New Yorker to get us as close to the start as possible in a bunch of traffic. We laughed and thanked him as we headed to find the matchy-matchy crew.

We said our hi’s and hit the portapotties before the start. Then we walked to the starting corral, which was essentially shaped like the lulu logo. But it was a mess, which is expected for an inaugural race. They had gate breaks to let people in at different paces, but people were just getting in where they could fit in, I don’t blame them. I think they said there were over 8,000 runners there. It was like San Diego threw up lululemon!

Tara and I haven’t been running a lot, so we were taking this race at a casual pace and just running to have fun. We stopped along the way for photos and loved all the lulu signs. Again, since I didn’t look at the course map, I didn’t know what the run was going to be like. It was nice and there weren’t too many turns, with the exception of by the water you do two quick, hard turns to head back. On-course entertainment was awesome and very much appreciated.

It was always fun to notice someone from the group because they were wearing the same matchy-matchy outfit: most likely lulu black bottoms, pro compression socks, and a We Run Social logo lulu tank. We would waive high and cheer them on, whenever we saw someone(s).

We also noticed that the EMTs actually run the race too. This is something new I think, but I know we don’t have it in Sac yet. I thought it was cool. We chatted with them for a few seconds and a joke about needing a defibrillator may have been made.

With a half-mile left, we saw a sign about donuts waiting at the end. I wish I would have taken a picture of it :/ But I told Tara if they don’t have donuts, a lot of people are going to be pissed.

We ran at a decent, talking pace. I let Tara dictate the pace, but I was sweating. It was overcast, but it was still humid out that morning. It was great running weather, until about the 5th mile, I started to feel hot. I think I stopped or did a walking stop through one of the water stations. I was sweating more than I had anticipated and could kinda feel the effects.

Mile 1 – 10:57.4
Mile 2 – 10:57.7
Mile 3  – 11:13.6
Mile 4  – 10:47.2
Mile 5  – 10:25.7
Mile 6  – 10:25.1
Mile 3  – 3:15.1
Total Time – 1:08:02
Total Distance – 6.32 Miles
Average Pace –  10:46 Min/Mile
Official Result – 1:08:01, 2,573rd Overall, 748th in Age Group

The finish corral was a hot mess, but again, learning lessons for next year. Everyone thought we had to line up for something, but honestly, it was just bottlenecking for our medals. Everyone wanted to grab one from the first people they saw, but there were tons of people after them handing them out.

Then, you had to walk a bit to loop around to get all the other goods. Another free lulu bag, which all of us needed (sarcasm of course). Then I saw it, racks of boxes of DONUTS! They delivered on their promise about a half-mile back. They had some other free goodies and then water of course.

The post-race activities really felt like a big party. The DJ was blaring, there were decorations everywhere, and of course, they had race only merch pop-up. I’m sure they had yoga somewhere, but I wasn’t really into that at the moment. Also, there was a playground right nearby so all the people with kids could let them go play there while they relaxed. It was an enjoyable post-race party.

I saw on IG that a Sac runner friend was there, so we’d been texting to meet up. I saw her on the course, but she was way ahead of me. So, finally, at the post-race fun, I saw her and we chatted for a bit. She doesn’t run much either anymore but loves lulu as much as I do. She and I ran our first marathons together and we were part of the same training group, so I think we’ll always have a fun connection.

After we said bye to my Sac friend, we walked back to our hotel, like a cooldown of torture! HAHA! But we did stop a cute little coffee shop so we could both have real caffeine as we showered, got ready, and packed up all our stuff.

A race recap would not be final if I didn’t include our post-race deliciousness. We had to cheers to the end of our fun girls’ race-cation and dig in on some well-deserved food. Also, we were set to spend the entire day in SD with a late flight out, but we both decided we’d rather get home and relax and she’d get to spend time with her family. So we changed our flights and essentially went to the airport after our tasty meal.

I’ll do this race again. It was fairly relaxing and I love all things lulu. Since I haven’t gotten myself into Seawheeze, this is a good substitute. And who doesn’t LOVE San Diego in November? I think there are a few kinks to work out, but I am happy to have been apart of the inaugural lululemon San Diego 10k. I left with good memories and a few more social media friends!

lulu, you make me do silly things!

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