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Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

A decade of Giant Races!

Literally, the ONLY reason Lil and I decided to run this race. We are worn out of the Giant Race series. The cost, the travel…everything. But as we finished in 2018 we were reminded that the 2019 race would be the 10th anniversary of the race. So, here we are (against our will).

About $85 poorer, but supporting all things Orange && Black! Literally, nothing about this recap is really different than the last five or so I’ve written.

Let’s take a look back and see how a decade of Giant Races in San Francisco, only, have looked for Lil and me:

2010: No
No, Hawaii tripped planned even though we registered.
8: Yes

I don’t even really have the desire to do all the normal ‘race recap’ shenanigans I do, so I’m not. The course has been the exact same for at least the last two years, from what I can remember.

This year, I drove up to Lil’s house the night before and crashed there so we could wake up at the ungodly hour to get our day going. We, of course, stopped at Starbucks to get a bagel and coffee in our system.

It was just as easy, as it’s always been, to secure parking on third street. We walked down to the start and I almost didn’t get my pre-race jump. We cut it really close to gun time this year, but the security parted ways so I could take one quick pic.

We were so late this year, we had to jump a corral gate to get near the front. Lil just shook her head at me but joined right after. We got a few funny stares, but hey, we wouldn’t be waiting for thousands to start their run before us!

No flat runner pic, no race shirt pic. Nada, that’s how much I didn’t really want to run this race. If I remember correctly, I was crazy busy for work and my body didn’t feel up to par too. Which is usually the case when I run any race these days! HAHA!

We ran, we finished, and can now say we ran the 10th anniversary SF race. Yup, it was run on principle, just to finish out the decade of Giant race running!

Mile 1 – 9:10.4
Mile 2 – 9:25.0
Mile 3  – 9:07.2
Mile 4 – 8:53
Mile 5 – 6:37.9 (so inaccurate)
Mile 6 – 9:52.7
Mile 7 – 2:40.9
Total Time – 55:47.2
Total Distance – 6.31 Miles
Average Pace – 8:50 Min/Mile
Official Result – 1:02:50, 79th in Age Group

DISCLAIMER for what I’m assuming is some very inaccurate reporting via my NEW Garmin. This was my first run with my new Garmin and I don’t think it understood my pace. HAHA! I would love to report this as how I ran, but yeah, definitely didn’t hit a 6-minute mile. In the 9 minute range could be possible, but not likely for a full 10k.

We aren’t short of post-race pics, by any means. We did all the usual stuff, with the EXCEPTION of the on-field yoga this year, which was nice to stretch after running. Except it was all wet from condensation and it was in the shade, so it was a tad bit cold as we were still sweaty.

After we took all the pics, grabbed some post-race goodies, and walked uphill to Lil’s car we decided to meet up with Lil’s roommate in Oakland for brunch. We met a fairly popular sports pub-ish and ate breakfast and watched all the football our hearts could desire. Oakland being Oakland, there were some colorful murals near the restaurant, so I snapped these on our walk back to the car.

My recap is much less enthusiastic than it probably should be. As I’m writing this recap, I’m also pondering when I’ll get to writing my 2018 recap. I probably won’t cause, yeah, in a few days I can say that was part of the last decade, no going back! HAHA

But, the suckers we are, we had to do it. I have no idea what 2020 will bring, but I have a feeling it might be a year we pass on the San Francisco race. The Sacramento one, since it’s in my backyard, will most likely always happen. But you never know will happen…

We’ve run this race for SEVEN years!

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