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Musings: 2020 Intention Set

No new year, new me BS!

But you already know that. Never been one for resolutions, but I am one for goals. I don’t share or set them very often either. But I think setting an intention for 2020 is something I could get behind. I like the idea of having a word that I can strive for, think about, and reflect on for the entire year.

I have never done this before, so we shall see how it goes. I think an intention is a hybrid of a goal and an aspiration. Setting an intention activates my ability to be receptive, manifest, and put out what I intend to attract and call into my life.

I want to take risks in 2020, but I was struggling with the perfect word for this. For awhile risk was going to be the intention, but I didn’t like the sound of it. It almost has a negative connotation and I wanted my intention to be positive.


the ability to do something that frightens one

I want to do things that scare and challenge me in positive ways. I know that when I push myself to do things I fear, I am encouraging myself to grow – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’ve been able to have a pretty awesome life staying in the safe lane. But at times I find the complacency to be somewhat boring and find myself looking to others to fulfill the happiness that feels missing. I fear I’ve been looking at it incorrectly. I create and guide my own destiny, happiness, and fulfillment. And in lacking to push myself, I was creating my own complacency and thus putting my frustrations on those around me. Unfair and unwarranted.

So, 2020 I will be courageous in all endeavors, but really focusing on my career and love/dating. I will also use this intention with how I communicate with others, while also allowing it to bleed into my attempts at vulnerability.

I want to spice things up. I don’t want to be stagnant and I want to challenge myself in positive ways that lead to growth, more self-love, and self-assurance. While I think it’s more about taking risks, I think courage seems like a more fitting word to focus on. Because sometimes all it takes is 5 seconds our courage to entertain the idea of risk. Without courage, I wouldn’t tackle a risk.

Since this is new to me, I figured setting one for the year was better than trying to set one daily, weekly, or even monthly. I also really wanted to give it my all for the entire year. My career and dating life are where I will benefit the most out of being courageous and are also the two places I am least willing to take risks.

I’m actually excited to set this intention for 2020. I have a feeling the word will take on a new meaning as I experience new and different risks and challenges, but I am looking forward to the uncomfortableness, the growth, and the experience.

I am excited to bravely move through things that make me feel uncomfortable in 2020.

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