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Musings: Two Months In

Road Warrior status activated!

It’s been exactly TWO months since I started my new role. And I’m happy to report, I’m still loving it.

I get that question a lot these days. How’s the new job? Do you love to travel? And yes, for the most part. I don’t exactly love sitting on a flight for hours on end, but on either side of a flight I know I’m most going somewhere new or home. Either make me happy.

I do take my time at home a lot more seriously these days. Some weekends and days home feel so extremely busy with trying to do household chores, run errands, and spend time with friends and family. Time home means a little more these days.

I couldn’t have asked for more in this new role. I absolutely love what I am doing. Building relationships is something that I get paid to do, and it is awesome. So far, I’ve met five of my schools. Each one is different and unique in its own right and I’ve enjoyed each one!

So far, I’ve been to Indiana, New York, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Four of those were new to me. And I’ve only been to NYC one other time, so it still felt new too. On some trips, I was able to see new things and others I wasn’t. I quickly realized I couldn’t have expectations of exploring and seeing everything, but rather if I could get a glimpse that was good too.

Each experience is new because I’m meeting the students, faculty, and administration for the first time. I anticipate until I meet all my schools and for at least the first year, everything will feel new. I didn’t really go into this with many expectations for my new audience, but they have been nothing but supportive and excited to welcome me into their world of academia.

I knew I was going to like the role, but I love it. It’s so different from the marketing path I’ve been following for over a decade. BUT, that path has lent itself very useful in this new role too. In small ways, that play out differently every day, but still very helpful.

Even with only four-ish presentations under my belt, I am feeling much less nervous when I present. It was a scary part of the application process because generally, I didn’t have to present live to large groups. But I’ve practiced, need more always, and used the feedback to grow and get better. This is a skill that truly does take practice and execution to get better. The more I do it, the less nervous I begin to feel. I am more confident with each presentation, although still not ready for a TED talk 😉

I haven’t blogged since I last posted about my new role, but for some reason, in February I had over 500 blog views. That was pretty interesting to me since I haven’t talked about the blog on any outlet. I am kinda curious about where the views were coming from. I still have no clue, but if it was you…thanks!

Other than that, no real big life updates. Still going to therapy, working out at Innovative Strenght & Conditioning (this might be new news), playing soccer, and trying to be the best woman, friend, sister, and daughter.

Noise-canceling headphones are road warriors’ best weapon!

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