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City Girl Hikes: Skyline Wilderness Park Loop – Napa, CA

HARD (rating) is always relative…

Skyline Wilderness Park Loop

If you aren’t familiar with the AllTrails app, they have a trail rating system. They rate the difficulty from easy, moderate, to hard. In addition, they also have a five-star rating, based on the users perception of liking or disliking the hike.

I titled this as the Skyline Wilderness Park Loop because the actual title is really intense – Skyline Trail, Thatcher’s Rim Rock Trail, and Lake Marie Road Loop. I chose this trail because it was a loop and the listed distance of 7 miles.

Skyline Wilderness Park Trail Map

This was officially my second solo hike, since the previous hike I met a new hiking friend and she hiked with me for part of the trail. Let me just say, when they say ‘wilderness’ they really mean it. The signs for mountain lions and rattlesnakes definitely had me a little shook. Mostly because there were multiple warning signs. While I’m aware they are possibilities on most hikes, there hadn’t been many signs to date. But NOT here, they were making sure I knew. I was on my toes the ENTIRE hike…

There is a paid parking lot, which actually has two areas. The lot near the trailhead was full, so I parked in the additional parking round, a little further out. However, there was a different trail head where I parked too. Using AllTrails, I went to find the trailhead via the app. To get to the trailhead you have to walk about 0.25 mile, pass the Martha Walker Garden, through a camping area, and then through a fenced off area. It was an interesting journey to get to the trail head.

Once on the trail, it felt like a very LONG hike with not much shade. Without being annoying to others, since there weren’t many people on the trail, I decided to use Audible to listen to Becoming by Michelle Obama. Her voice was, and always is, soothing as I was working my way around the loop.

It wasn’t the prettiest hike, but I enjoyed it. There were some technical portions and a VERY steep incline. I saw an older couple who were going to make their way down, as I just finished making my way up. I was worried about how they’d descend that steep downhill since I was basically climbing up it with my knees touching my chest!

On the last half of my hike, I cleared a branch and thought I was good until I was jerked back. I was so confused, but I had taken off my top and clipped it to my backpack and it got caught on the branch I cleared. I was devastated to have ripped my new lulu crop tank :/ WAHH

Lululemon, Crop

I was definitely exhausted when I was done, even emotionally because I was so on edge about the potential friends I might have ran into on the trail. It was warm and I was ready to back to my car and head home. This isn’t a trial I’d highly suggest, but if you want a good workout this is a hike for you. If you’re looking for beautiful views, you won’t be satisfied.

Not all hikes are are about the views…

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