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    Race Recap: California International Marathon

    I am a Marathoner! This has been a long time coming, so please bear with me as this recap will most likely be a mini novela! Earliest wake-up call known to man!  So I knew I had to be at the Parentals by 4:45AM to make it to the bus by 5:15AM. It was imperative that I get my breakfast on and have time to make sure I had all my gear, nutrition, and hydration in place. So, bright and freakin’ early I was up. AM, yeah that’s right! As I have been doing for the last four months, I wake up with enough time to eat breakfast and poop (TMI, but…

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    Busiest Week Possible, No Biggie…

    How dare a marathon get in the way of the busiest week of the entire year. Isn’t it Murphy’s law, that anything that can happen, will. Well, that is exactly how the week leading up to my FIRST marathon was turning out to me. So, knowing that I always get to host our December Girls Night, I make it a point to have my decorations up and a tree looking gorgeous the weekend after Thanksgiving. This along with my running schedule, made it more stressful this year, but I was not letting my girls down. It’s not that I have a huge amount of decorations, but on top of decorating,…

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    Get Your CIM On!

    Oh hey, by the way – I’m running my first marathon! I don’t know when or how I decided 30 was a year I would run the infamous runner’s holy grail…the “marathon”. Granted, know that I am aware of Ultra’s, this really isn’t the holy grail. But for the average runner, the non-deranged that is, this is as good as it gets. Apparently, 30 is a big deal, so why not commit to something BIG during my celebratory year? I could have swore that I already posted this to the blog, but I guess I was incorrect. Many, many months ago, I signed up for the 2013 California International Marathon. I signed…

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    Peace Out 20’s

    In slightly less than three weeks, this girl will be saying adios to her 20’s and a BIG fat Hello to my 30’s. I’m don’t have any anxiety…I’ve always loved celebrating ME, aka my birthday! It’s fun to plan a party for myself, what can I say…I kinda like Me 😉 I did find an awesome article on what its like to be 20-something, using some of the best shows/movies around! If you don’t laugh or relate, then I don’t think we were meant to be friends! Bring it on dirrrty 30…I’m ready!

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    How does one know when it is appropriate to deem themselves a runner? 90% of the time I’m just putting one foot in front of the other, panting, and hoping its almost over. I’m sure “runners” do not have this mentality. I do plenty of 5k’s and 10k’s, and dabble in half-ers…and have done so for many years. But in NO WAY would I consider myself a runner. The sheer joy you see in some people’s faces while running grosses me out. I’m motivated by the physicality of it more than anything. By no means do I have a runners physique, nor do I think I was ever meant too…so…

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    Heartbroken, yet faithful!

    The loss. They fought hard but didn’t play well enough to win. I’m glad they came back stronger after the odd lights out situation, but the loss still stings! Proud they got so far, third times a charm, right?!? It felt good to have a reason to watch the game again! The commercials are generally the reason I watch, but my team is now a contender…it makes it that much more bittersweet! Red && gold faithful, but now….on to baseball season!!

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    Happy, Happier, Happiest

    I could possibly be a closet Disney freak… Could is incorrect, I am. It took just one trip back, after about seven years, to remind me of this. I completely and wholeheartedly adore everything about this place. The overpriced everything and overabundance of kids are not lost on me, but I just think of it as part of the experience. The marketer in me knows what is going on here, but I succumb to it all like a little kid. I want everything, this time my affinity was toward Minnie, which has changed from the Princess collection stuff! Something about the red with white polka dots was luring me in.…

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    Mirror, Mirror

    Even the most confident people have had self-doubt creep up, especially when looking in the mirror. Society, family, peers…all perpetuate our ideals of beauty. But it is important that each one of us accept our own beauty and be proud of what we have. Yes, I may not be the skinniest or run the fastest, but I am thankful for the ability to smile and my healthy legs that get me from point A to point B! Don’t get me wrong, self-doubt still creeps in once in a while. I just remind myself that I’m alive, I’m happy…which is pretty much all anyone can ask for. A friend on IG…

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    The Magical Word

    So, if you are like me at all, you may be inclined to do a little research before you try something new. Don’t get ahead of yourself, when I say a little, I really mean minimal, research. So, yes I did read a few articles on online dating. All I came out with was these same few tips: 1. Add a picture. 2. Create a fun username 3. Don’t be generic or typical Easy enough right? #1, boom, done! Then came #2, username – you don’t want to scare them away with things such as “tomboy” (no ridicule to my blog namesake), and you better not put your whole name as…

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    The Art of Friendship

    Scrolling through IG this AM, which is sadly a regular habit, I came across this quote: “Don’t just ignore the effort of a person who tries to keep in touch. People get tired. It’s not at all times that they hold on.” Which then prompted my thought process to a quote I uploaded to IG a month or so ago: “Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.” Friendship, in all truth it should be easy, but then life adds its mysteries and then friendships become harder. But I think to myself; it would be hard to always be the “bad friend.” The…