Hi! Welcome to Musings of A Girly Tomboy, which was birthed in 2013 (I think). It has and will always be a creative outlet for me to share my musings – full of spelling errors and grammatical injustices. I promise to be as authentic as possible, even when the messy middles are MESSY!

I go by ‘Ganeeban’ in almost everything social media because my last name is hard for most to pronounce. They usually pronounce it as my social media handles would suggest. But, my real name is Stephanie. I’m a marketing nerd by day and a wine drinking, soccer playing, strength and conditioning, bacon eating gal by evening. I’m obsessed with my family and my friends, especially their lovebugs. I’m fiercely loyal, almost to a fault. My other obsessions include the SF Giants, soccer, getting lost in fiction (or non-fiction too), and a little bit of shopping for unnecessary things. Some might say I have a Lulu obsession, but I consider it my duty to be readily athleisure-appareled at all times.

I welcome and encourage all comments and love on this page, but will easily disregard any negativity left here too. I appreciate you stopping by and hope you read/see something that inspires you. xox