Updated – May 2018

Kind of ironic I get to update this page exactly four years later. Yet again, living a new-to-me lifestyle. Here are the quick updates over the past four years:

  • Very recently single…again. Embracing all the new changes and trying to heal and seek personal growth during this new phase.
  • I have a therapist, who scares me, challenges me, and pushes me to be the best version of myself.
  • I’m still in my 30’s, just halfway through them now.
  • I still love marketing, now I just do it for EYES and doctors!
  • Blogging is still about the same. Just using this space as a cathartic tool to share my musings, but a lot less frequently than I had in the past.
  • Still Soccering, kinda Running, and Midtown Strength and Conditioning.
  • Attempting a Triathlon soon, to check it off my to-do list.
  • Still wishing to travel often, love hard, and to be kind.
Selfie overload
[All taken in 2013]

Updated – May 2014

If you’re reading this anytime in May 2014 or later, then there have been some updates to my previous “about me” (for a lack of a better term) section.

Here they are:
– I’m still and will be for another 8 years, in my 30’s.
– Technically no longer single and to keep it semi-private I refer to him (mostly) on here as The Boy. I do post pictures of us, so it’s not that anonymous.
–  Why I blog has changed – I blog because I like to write and share my thoughts, my iPhone camera roll, and anything else that is happening in my life. If it slightly interests you, then thanks for taking the time, it is much appreciated on my behalf!
– My little corner of the blogging world is also not much of a secret anymore. Most of my family and friends know I have one, whether or not they read it is a different story. I don’t put anything on here I wouldn’t want them to read – so all is fair game!
– Oh, and my first name is Stephanie!

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Original “ganeeban” Section
Since you took the time to read what I have to write, I should introduce myself, it’s the polite thing to do! I’m sure reading my writing will you give you more insight as to who I am, rather than me writing this, however, here it goes…

Okay, so ganeeban is not my actual name, obviously…but that’s how people tend to pronounce my last name and what a lot of people called me in high school – it just stuck. Now I’ve adopted it and I use it for all things social media. It allows me to be slightly private, yet still recognizable by the people that know me.

Just a 30 year old, single gal who loves soccer and all things food. Although those are my passions, my family means absolutely everything to me. I have a great group of friends, some near, some far. I am an avid SF Giants baseball lover, I probably bleed orange and black. Although it’s not my favorite sport, I adore the SF 49ers, but that is pretty much the extent of my football liking – besides the Super Bowl. What kind of “marketer” would I be if I didn’t watch the commercials?

I used to commute over an hour each way to work, but thank goodness that ended a year ago. I am a Marketing Coordinator/Associate for a great company. I’m lucky to work with a great product, which also happens to fit into my lifestyle. I love anything “marketing” related and I also enjoy the aesthetics of graphic design and typography. I wish I was more well versed in the latter…yes, I know, I can take classes for that. I’ll get there, one day…

I’m not very confident in my writing, but that doesn’t stop me. Besides writing here, I am constantly upping my Yelp game. I’m pretty addicted to social media. I’ve had FB since I transferred to Cal Poly in 2005 and I’ve had IG long enough to accumulate almost 2,000 pictures. I’m Asian, that’s my excuse 😉 I’ve always loved taking pictures, but it really is the idea of capturing the moments so I can always remember them. I just need to remind myself sometimes, live in the moment and enjoy it…

Why I blog – it’s a fun little secret. I don’t tell my family or my friends (two know, I think) about this blog, because I’m a little shy about it. I actually love the freedom writing gives me, I can spew out my thoughts and feelings without judgment.