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Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

The Giants may be having an AWFUL year, but their racing series is NOT! Ahh, to be so happy to run and support your team who is having the worst season (possibly) ever is humbling! Regardless of their current league standing, thousands flocked to San Francisco this weekend to show

Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

I may be a crappy Giants fan this year… …but I wouldn’t miss this race! Literally, this was the first time I’ve been to AT&T Park this year. I’m really starting to feel like a faux Giants fan. Yes, I follow the games via my App and watch as many

Race Recap: The Giant Race 10k

My team > Your team Via Just sayin’! It’s only the sixth annual SF Giant Race. It seems like it’s been around longer than that, but I guess my time perception is always off. I think it is amazing that the SF Giants put together three different fun runs for

Race Recap: Run to Feed the Hungry 2014

I’m a Race Rebel! Only when it comes to this race. If you’re a new-ish reader, you can read last year’s recap here, I don’t want to bore everyone with redundancy! Let’s just say, with 27,000 runner’s each year, I deem it acceptable to hop in about a quarter of

Race Recap: Super Sunday Run 10k

First race of the year! Obligatory race IG collage! Since my 49er’s didn’t make it, why not get my run on…since I’m not that vested in the game. I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit that SRA had a special if you bundled this race with their 10 miler

Race Recap: Run to Feed the Hungry 2013

Why does everyone else in America call it the Turkey Trot?!? Sounds ridiculous to me, but maybe that’s because I’ve been conditioned to calling our traditional Thanksgiving Day run “Run to Feed the Hungry”. Happy 20th Anniversary #RTFTH! I wish I knew how many exact races I’ve participated in, I