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ORANGE You Glad We're Friends

…and that I’m older than you 😉 The Bestest had to work, so she couldn’t celebrate my birthday with me and everyone else on Saturday. So, instead she invited me out for dinner to celebrate, which rapidly turned into us taking a workout class at Orange Theory Fitness in Natomas, then

A Shit Training Day && Some Cheer

We all have them. We go through them, we deal with them, we get over it! Maybe if you’re like me you tend to dwell a little longer than necessary, but it’s almost like mourning the wasted minutes I know could have been spent working out harder. Napa and SLO

Five Things Friday

I wish I was writing this from Hawaii, like last week #FirstWorldProbs! Thanks, Clare! You know, some days just aren’t good writing days, I think today is one of those day! So I’ll be short and random, to say the least.  I posted this last Friday and I wanted to

Five Things Friday – Short && Sweet

Just like a Friday workday should be! Thanks, Clare! So, I’ve been making you jealous pumping you up with all my talk of Hawaii, but the time has (almost) come! I’m working a half day today and then I’m O-U-T-T-A H-E-R-E! My Home for 7 Days 5 Things I’m Doing

5 Things Friday – Just Cause…

Happy 7-11 Day! Thanks, Clare! Go grab yourself a free mini Slurpee today at 7-11! I do it every year, so this year shouldn’t be any different! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a long time! Saturday is a family beach day trip to Capitola. If you aren’t

Thinking out Loud – Thoughts vs Words

So many thoughts, so little words… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. …sometimes that’s how the cookie crumbles. Thinking – way too many thoughts going on. It’s been an emotional weekend and I’m trying to take my learning’s from that and become a better person for them. I’m trying to process

Rose & Thorn [4]

Over it… Sorry, I sincerely apologize for my lack of enthusiasm for today’s post. It was along weekend of good things and some not so good things. So I’m exhausted. I’d love to go about my normal ways of writing you into oblivion, but I won’t and you’ll get it

5 Things Friday – Listing it Out…

I like lists, like a LOT… Thanks, Clare! I’m so neurotically overly obsessed with being organized, I even felt the need to apply it to this post! 5 Things Going on This Weekend: 1. Cousin’s Credential Program Graduation 2. Giants Game – Wine Fest 3. Champions League Final 4. Wedding

Thinking out Loud – So…I’ve been thinkin’…

Grab a beverage and settle in for my mini novel… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Lo siento. With a lack of iPhone pictures, this is going to be quite wordy. I warned ya’…. 1. Foodie Pen Pal – Somehow, someway, I came across Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean and