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5 Things Friday – Short && Sweet, but I Prefer Sassy

Just keepin’ it to five… Thanks, Clare! It’s been a minute since I’ve done this link-up, but I’m back at it this week. I don’t really feel like writing much today, so here is my lame attempt for today, sorry! Uneasy // I have absolutely no reason to be, but

5 Things Friday – It's Baaaaccck….

I decided to get a little creative last week, but I’m back on track… Thanks, Clare! 5 Things I’m Looking Forward Too This Weekend: 1. Baby Zachary’s baptism – Grateful I was asked to witness such a milestone for the Gangl family! 2. Actually getting to use a Living Social

5 Things Friday – Friday Five(teen)

It’s Friday…already! Thanks, Clare! I don’t get to say that often, but this week flew by fast! I’m okay with that, that just means the weekend seemed to get here faster than normal! 5 Things I Found Extremely Funny on the Internet: 1. Who doesn’t love a good PUN? If

Five Things Friday – 5er

Happy Almost Weekend… Thanks, Clare! Just a straight-up fiver today…nothing more, nothing less. 5 Things Friday: Mother Efffin’ World Series Baby // So yeah, that happened last night. My Gmen made it to the World Series, to the Fall Classic, to the dance! They will be playing, the crazy good

Five Things Friday – Short && Sweet

Just like a Friday workday should be! Thanks, Clare! So, I’ve been making you jealous pumping you up with all my talk of Hawaii, but the time has (almost) come! I’m working a half day today and then I’m O-U-T-T-A H-E-R-E! My Home for 7 Days 5 Things I’m Doing

5 Things Friday – Just 5, Promise

5 and I’m done, son! Thanks, Clare! Okay, I’m keeping it real simple with five things ANNNND that’s IT! 5 Things That are Making Me Smile This week! 1. Annual Girls Hiking Trip – will commence this weekend. We’re making it just an overnight trip this year and had to

5 Things Friday – Orange && Black

Sometimes being a SF Giants fan is heartbreaking… Thanks, Clare! …other times it amazing. Seriously, my boys in Orange && Black love to keep us on an emotional roller coaster. Pre all-star-break they were killin’ it, although those pesky Dodgers were close behind. Now, I’m celebrating them ending a six

5 Things Friday

Literally, just five today! Thanks, Clare! Just keeping it short and sweet for you! Seems fitting, so I’m going with it… 1. State Fair – If you should be so lucky to have your State Fair in your city, then you know what I’m talking about. All things Carnie’s and

5 Things Friday – 5 x 3 = The Weekend

Short and simple today! Thanks, Clare! Busy weekend, but sadly no World Cup to watch or discuss 🙁 5 Things I’ll be Doing this Weekend 1. Team Hot Mess will be competing in the Eppie’s Great Race (Triathlon) – 4th time, I believe. 2. (Hoping) Going to Old Sugar Mill