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Rose & Thorn [43]

Before I can go any further, I NEED to wish… HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPA BEAR!  Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program… The From bad to good! Rose: A full weekend of FUNstivities Thorn: Not knowing if I’m actually sick or if allergies are kicking my ass! This was one of

Rose & Thorn [11]

Summer time weekends always seem busier than any other season! Rose: Celebrating BABIES this weekend…a baby shower and a Baptism! Thorn: The dreaded HOT, HOT, HOT Sacramento summer weather (both days)! What was your Rose Thorn?   Another good weekend mix of relaxation and running around being super busy! I

SomeBunny Had an Egg-cellent Weekend

Yeah, I went that cheesy on you!! Easter weekend, what a great weekend. Always filled with family, good times, and good food! I completely spaced, that on Friday’s before big holiday’s, my company usually only makes us work a half day. So while I was at lunch, I received a