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Race Recap(ish): The Big Run #GlobalRunningDay, 5k

I always appreciate this day, regardless of how running is going in my life. I could have sworn it was called #NationalRunningDay, but I guess not. I looked back to last years post and it was Global Running Day too. 2016 also had the same new name. Old habits die

Race Recap: Scottsdale 5k 2018, Virtual Runner

From October (if we are lucky) to February we dream in Orange && Black… However, we start receiving the Giant Race emails well into this quiet phase of non-baseball life. We get swept away with the ideals of a Series Sweep medal to prove we are okay spending at least $250

Race Recap: Girls On The Run Greater Sacramento 5k

Our first 5k together! I was finally able to support Girls On The Run (GOTR) again! I’ve been meaning to forever, but their race dates never seemed to sync up with my schedule. I have done one of their races before, but we didn’t sign up for the actual intent

Race Recap: Giant Race Riverfront 5k

Only running for my beloved G-Men! I haven’t run, really run, in probably six months or so. I don’t count the soccer field, because that is a different type of running. It’s not continuous, even though it kicks my ass. My rule this year was to only run any or

Race Recap – Riverfront 5k

I’m a sucker for any inaugural race… ..but you already know that. Since the Sacramento Rivercats (AAA team) were acquired by the SF Giants affiliate last year, my favorite team is literally in my backyard for the next four years (I think that’s how long the contract is for). That

Race Recap: Run to Feed the Hungry 2015

Every year brings something different. This year was a whole new story. It was the same fun-run Sacramento has every year, but I just did it a little different this year. If you’ve read the past few posts (here & here), then you know I never start at the start

Race Recap: Niello BMW Corporate Run 3.1

Running with my clique! Niello BMW Corporate Run 3.1 And by clique I mean my awesome coworkers. 20 to be exact, well that was our squad for this race, but one fella didn’t actually run it. But I’m stoked that I was able to get 19 of my coworkers out

Thinking Out Loud – Without Much Thought

Just not feelin’ it today… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I say that now, but then the post will end up going on for ever…and ever… Pizza // Do you ever have such an intense craving for food, but don’t give in for days. Then finally, the weather gets gloomy

Race Recap – Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k (Sacramento)

Sometimes it’s just ALL about the ladies… Dirty Girl Mud Run Sacramento // Sacramento Raceway Gentleman, sorry…you have to sit this one out…OR be our cheerleader/picture takers/holder of stuff/positive vibe giving friends during this race. And we’re completely okay with that! Gotta get a #self before the race!   When